Secret Maryo Chronicles

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Secret Maryo Chronicles
Basic Information
Video Game
SMC Team
Keyboard, Mouse and/or Joystick
Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS
Retail Features
Technical Information
Internal Engine, Simple DirectMedia Layer, CEGUI
Variable (Default: 4:3)
Variable (Default: 800 × 600)
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS
January 232003
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Secret Maryo Chronicles is a free, open source two-dimensional platform game.[1] It was developed and is maintained by the Secret Maryo Chronicles development team, led by Florian Richter ("FluXy").[2]

Secret Maryo Chronicles has been described as a Super Mario Bros. clone by PCtipp.[3] It began as a SourceForge project in January 2003 and has been expanded up the latest release in 2009.[4] The game is an OpenGL-based and has an original soundtrack and a built-in game editor. It has been released under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.[5]

Secret Maryo Chronicles was listed as the number one open source video game by APC in January 2008.[1] Stern praised the speed of the game and its puzzle solving.[6] The game was named one of the most promising open source games of 2008 by El Heraldo and praised as a well-made non-violent game for children by heute.[7][8]

Graphics[edit | edit source]

Graphics are rendered at a high resolution at the time of the official build then upon the games first run the sprites are re rendered at a level that will look best based upon your chosen desktop resolution.The project is currently in the process of moving from a multi tool environment for graphics creation to a model that is Inkscape centric. The graphics and shading follow a fairly strict set of guidelines as set by the team to ensure uniformity and quality of the graphics and the game as a whole. During the process of moving graphics from their varied proprietary formats to the free SVG format the whole game is being redesigned. The redesign is mainly to move away from its former image as a clone and towards an original but familiar image. The current state of development graphics is strong with many new sprites in the works including one or more enemies to be replaced or added before the 2.0 version.

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