Seferenia Hoperuby

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Seferenia Hoperuby

Seferenia Hoperuby.jpg
Seferenia Hoperuby in Cross Theater

Game Series Cross Theater
First Appearance Cross Theater
Occupation: Artificial life form with a mind of good and evil
Age: 32 (Human Equivalent)
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Gender: Female
Likes: No Data
Dis-Likes: No Data
Hobbies: Stuffed toy making (Angel Form), nap (Angel Form), killing grope (Devil Form), sabotage (Devil Form)
Home: Agatora Great Temple
Weapon(s): Halberd (Angel Form),Scythe (Devil Form)

Seferenia Hoperuby (セフェレニア=ホープルビー?) is the main character in Cross Theater.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Artificial life form by the hand of a mysterious cult that a greedy human beings gather, were created. His heart was a strange woman with a heart of angels and demons. I call the "Seferenia like" from human beings. It has a white circle above the head and white wing angel form initially, personality is hard to read is considered a natural system of Howahowa leisurely. Be scolded by human beings because it does not work only when the mind is directed in many cases. Look when it is turned into a demon form is changed into something you do not Nitsuka the angel form, wing becomes black, thorn comes to stick. If worthy to call a favorite sadist able to Itaburu regardless of friend or foe, was demonized at the time he cut in particular, their nature is sorry in just a subject to be offended. In addition, the technique that has received once no longer Spoken. He has stopped that late to demonize it, but it is resolved (signs of transformation appear after stress is accumulated) stress buildup seems, in that you take out a stuffed animal. This action would be known to certain people.

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