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Sega Racing Studio (also known as Sega Driving Studio) was a computer and video game developer established in 2005 (based in Solihull, England) for the sole purpose of developing AAA Sega racing titles. The studio had radically expanded from a hand group of people to a team of over 60 employees by the year 2007[1] drawing recruited talent from other major British developers such as Rockstar Games, Rare, Codemasters and Criterion Games.[2] Its mission statement was to create driving games for the Western market whilst paying homage to Sega's legacy in the genre, including the development of new racing IPs for Sega which has never made out to the light of day.

The development studio was aiming to become large enough to be able "to be a multi-sku, multi-game studio" and develop multiple titles at the same time. The team was called autonomous from Sega whilst still being part of the organization.[3]

The studio was headed by Guy Wilday, who was involved in the Colin McRae Rally games[4] and was formerly the head of the studio behind the games and the series producer.[5]

On April 08 2008 Sega announced the closure of Sega Racing Studio, although no reason was specified for the closure it has been assumed it was due to lackluster sales of Sega Rally Revo. At a later time Sega announced none of the employees were folded into internal studios.[6]

On April 25 2008. Codemasters bought Sega Racing Studio [7].

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