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Shairia in Cross Theater

Game Series Cross Theater
First Appearance Cross Theater
Occupation: Size-fits-all fighting for Android
Age: Appearance around the age of 28
Height: 180cm
Weight: 120kg
Gender: Female
Likes: No Data
Dis-Likes: No Data
Hobbies: No Data
Home: Bergmann's first Industry Development Authority, Shairia integrated development plan Operation System Development Office
Weapon(s): Spiked wired rocket arm of rotation-type magazine (both arms), shotgun (both heel), missile (both thigh), Beam gun (both feet part)

Shairia (シャイリア?) is the main character in Cross Theater.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Overall capacity power, and speed is much higher than humans. It is not out in the table expression is usually, but improve computing performance, the exercise performance temporarily to "code DEVIL" upon activation, become innocent bright tone and personality to sudden change by thermal runaway, expression also becomes rich, hair become straight long bear comes off. Spiked wired rocket arm of rotation-type magazine, Ryokakato has become a shotgun to up the power of the kick arms. I equipped with a missile on both thighs. You are good at kung fu martial arts, wrestling, judo, karate, boxing, and martial arts course. You have the tactics such as launch a surprise attack and dive to the ground further, launch a surprise attack from the foot of the opponent, wraps around from behind the opponent moonsault. Further, it can be transferred by the spatial transfer technique, beam gun used her, can act as agile times. Get stuck that it becomes out of fuel. The rise in the reverse of the horizontal bar, resulting in job done easily, such as gymnastics vaulting horse. Enough to put out or a quick shot in soccer, you can hit a home run reliably in baseball, you can swim in the swimming quickly, and thus allowed to give up to the moment your opponent in wrestling. Power hip attack sexy, gorgeous moonsault press, somersault kick of high-speed, uppercut of high-power, and a spin kick long-range is enormous, it is possible and you can blow off the other party, but it would sprinkled the blast . It is also possible to force a powerful, lift up the heavy object, such as Oiwa etc.. I would doing somersault in quick motion, moonsault, rolling, handstand, as well as cartwheel. I Norikonaseru lighter bike. Cartwheel using a wired rocket arm, and backflip is also good at. The rise in the reverse of the horizontal bar, gymnastics, such as vaulting horse, the place that does not arrive also are using a wired rocket arm. Chop her is taken and of any kind. By the way, exercises against the prototype of her, sometimes the advice in the training. Housework, work, collected material, such as mining also Konasu.

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