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Basic Information
Video Game
Eugene Alemzhin
Puzzle game
PC (DOS and Windows)
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Shariki (Russian: Шàрики) is a puzzle game by Russian programmer Eugene Alemzhin, developed for DOS in 1994. The goal of the game is to gain progressively higher scores by matching three or more balls of the same color in line (vertical or horizontal). These balls then explode and a new ones appear in their place. The game is over when no more combinations are possible in the game field.

Remakes[edit | edit source]

Original game mechanics from DOS version was used in some remakes, that was collected on game fan-site

Clones[edit | edit source]

Shariki proved to be a very influential game and eventually many games that closely matched its mechanics arose.[1] Collectively known as "match three" games, these all revolve around the mechanic of creating a three-in-a-row line of identical pieces. They include:

References[edit | edit source]

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