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Shields-Up was an online browser based game. It was based on a space theme where any person can become almost anything they wan; from space fighter to larger hauler, the game has it all. Currently it is in beta testing mode, but new members are always welcome.

The game has changed it's name and has been online since 2009. The new name is Core Exiles. Visit the game here

Guilds[edit | edit source]

Basically guilds are a way of forming an official recognized team with fellow players. You could call them factions, groups, clans, but we decided on Guilds in a very democratic manner. Guilds have a certain hierarchy, which is maintained by giving members different internal statuses. The higher you're up the ranks, the more access you get to certain area's. All of these area's of interest do not become available straight from the foundation, no it takes time and effort to make the guild rise in level and gain access to them. If you earn XP while in a Guild, the guild XP level will rise too, the more players there are in a guild, the quicker the guild XP level rises. Once your guild has opened up a store, you'll be able to transfer goods into it using the C.S.T.S. by using the "deposit" function. Now, other guildmembers can use the goods stored in the guildstore, to craft items directly from the guildstore contents and everything produced will be put back too. That's guilds in a nutshell, of course there's a lot more to it but there's still enough to read and discover for yourself.

Guild registration[edit | edit source]

In order to create a Guild, you will need to visit the Guild Registry. The Guild Registry is an NPC based on a promenade somewhere in the known Galaxy.

When you speak to the NPC, you will be presented with a small interface explaining the process, and he will display the cost of registration to you. In order to drive down the cost of registration, you will need to get yourself some Negotiation skill. Now, you don't NEED the skill, but without it, you will find the cost of registration is VERY expensive !! If you are happy with the cost, enter the name for your guild, and register.

When you register your guild, 10% of the registration fee will be immediately deposited into your guild bank account.

Please Note, that in order to register a guild, you must not be affiliated with a guild, either as a member, or a Guild Leader

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