Shijō Raimu

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Shijou Raimu, also known as Lime, is a Character of Blue Reflection.

AboutEdit[edit | edit source]

One of the mysterious girls who gave Hinako Shirai the power of the reflector. Yuzuki Shijou is Raimu's sister, and they are in the same grade.

Unlike Yuzuki, Raimu is more selfish and logical, as she seems to care about herself more than others. Hinako is very important to her sister.

RelationshipsEdit[edit | edit source]

Yuzuki Shijou - Raimu's sister, who is also a Reflector. They are both in the same grade in school, and both gave Hinako the power to become a Reflector.

Hinako Shirai - Raimu's teammate and friend. She bestowed the power of Reflector to Hinako, and trusts she'll do well with her new power.