Shining Force II

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Shining Force II
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Basic Information
Video Game
Sonic Co.
Genesis CartridgeMega Drive Cartridge
Genesis and Mega Drive
Retail Features
European Union European Release Date(s)
Mega Drive
July 1994
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
October 191994
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Mega Drive
October 11993
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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Granseal[edit | edit source]

As the game begins, Bowie wakes up in his two-story house in Granseal, along with his mother. He is late for school, and as he is leaving, his mother tells him that Sarah and Sir Astral have been looking for him. He hurries off to school and finds two of his three classmates waiting for him. Sarah, an Elven priestess is sitting at attention in her seat, awaiting the professor, Sir Astral. Chester, a Centaur, sleeps face down on his desk. Bowie goes downstairs to find Sir Astral sitting at his desk. Once class has begun, it is interrupted by a messenger straight from King Granseal himself. He delivers his statement to Astral, who looks shocked. Astral rushes out, leaving the three students alone in the classroom. They decide to check out what was happening at the castle. Once they figure out that the King is sick, Sir Astral discovers them and in order to cover up for the fact that they snuck into the castle, decides to make Bowie and the group accompany him to Ground Seal, a tower deep inside the castle. As they arrive, Sir Astral notices a symbol on the ground. As he inspects it, a Gizmo appears and attempts to attack Astral! It summons more, which the three children dispatch off with their wooden weapons. The first Gizmo escapes and heads for the castle. Bowie, Sarah, and Chester find Sir Astral engaging in a battle with a possessed King Granseal in his own bedroom. Astral wins the battle, and the Gizmo escapes from the King's body. During this ordeal, Astral faints. When he awakens, he tells the King to order them to go to Yeel and to bring back an old historian, named Hawel. Astral believes that Hawel has books needed to investigate Ground Seal. The group leaves, and as they are leaving town, they find their classmate, Jaha joins them, telling them he was late to class and needed to be filled in on the details.

The group sets off for Yeel, and as they get there, they talk to one of Hawel's pupils. His name is Kazin and he leads them to Hawel's house. As the quintet arrives, there is no answer at the door. They barge in to find Hawel in a bloody mess on the floor, and two Galam soldiers standing above him. They flee, and Kazin talks to Hawel for the final time. Hawel tells him that the soldiers stole his notes on Ground Seal, and Kazin immediately wants to avenge his death. They leave the house and head back toward Yeel, where they find more soldiers, including the Galam army general, Lemon. The band of teenagers are captured and brought to Galam Jail. Bowie wakes up as the other jailmates are exchanging thoughts on the Galam vs. Granseal situation. Bowie finds out that Galam has declared war on its former ally, Granseal, over Ground Seal. Another cellmate wakes in the cell next to them, a rat by the name of Slade. It is discovered that by his stupidity in stealing the Jewels of Light and Evil, he has awakened the most fearsome beast in the world, the King of Devils himself, Zeon. To attempt to make up for his actions, Slade decides to help the group escape. He shows them a secret passageway, where they end up inside the castle. They overhear Lemon and King Galam speaking about how Granseal will be crushed. The two and their army rush out of the castle, leaving one knight behind, who brags to his friend about being entrusted with the Jewel of Light. Bowie and his friends charge him and defeat him, taking the jewel. As they attempt to leave Galam, they fight a few more knights and mages.

They make their way back to Granseal, where they find the entire city in shambles, having fallen victim to the Galam invasion. Upon exploring a few of the ruined buildings, the group finds a small tortoise. Bowie names him Kiwi and he follows them. They enter the castle, where the King and the Minister accmpany them to Ground Seal once more. King Galam has captured Princess Elis and he is engaging in a battle with Sir Astral. The two are at a stalemate, and knock each other down. Galam summons creatures to protect Elis from being recaptured by the Granseal forces, and they go to battle, with Bowie's team winning it. As they attempt to take Elis back, Galam jumps up and brings her into a portal, dropping his Jewel of Evil in the process, which fuses to Bowie's neck along with the Jewel of Light obtained earlier. An earthquake commences, and the entire town is being engulfed by chasms. The remnants of the island pack onto a boat in the harbor, with Elis still captured by King Galam. They head for Parmecia, the mainland.

South Parmecia[edit | edit source]

Upon venturing into North Parmecia, the Force comes across a town called Ketto, where there are signs of Devils telling people not to leave their houses or go to church. After passing through, they see a Centaur named Higins trying to guard the city from being attacked by more Devils. Geshp attacks his friends, killing them, before leaving his men to attack Bowie's Force. After Sir Astral exorcises the demon from Higins's body, he joins the force willingly. He leads them to the city of Centaurs, Pacalon. After talking to the King, Bowie and his Force travel to Tristan. On their way there, they see a girl stranded on a bridge, which is being eaten away by worms. They destroy the enemies, and after the battle, rescue the girl. She reveals herself to be one of the generals of the Devil Army, Cameela! She jumps off the bridge, leaving Astral, Bowie, Peter, and the rest headed to Tristan.

As the Force arrives at Mitula Shrine, outside it, they meet a priest. He explains to them that Mitula's Shrine is off limits for the time being, and that they must come back another time. However, they implore that the priest lets them in, and he refuses. Then, he transforms into a dark knight and his forces appear out of nowhere. The Force quickly disposes of them and a bellowing voice welcomes them to the shrine. They enter to see the Greater Devil Zalbard inside. The two armies go to battle, with the Force coming out on top. Zalbard drops an orb out of his robes called the Ground Orb, and Bowie puts it on the Mitula statue next to him. Mitula comes to life and tells him everything she knows, about Volcanon not wanting to help the ground people, and everything else. She tells them to go back to Granseal using the ancient Nazca Ship, found beyond the gates of Moun. They head back to Pacalon, where a vicar, Frayja talks to them and tells them how he imprisoned the townspeople of Moun in the city just so he could keep the Devils out of Parmecia. As they leave the castle, Geshp shows up again and orders Frayja to give him the key to Moun. He disagrees, and Geshp locks him in a ring of fire before summoning Devils and fleeing. After the battle, they begin to head to Moun. During the next battle, a Devil Pegasus knight named Jaro doesn't want to fight for the Devils anymore, and quits. He joins the Force after the battle. Once they hit Moun, Frayja officially joins the force. After dominating the Devils inside the town gates, Bowie and the Force find a secret underground cave the people of Moun created. Two new additions to the force are made, Zynk, a robot, and Gyan, a dwarf. After passing through Moun, they reach the Nazca Ship, but they were beaten to it by Cameela. A battle ensues, and Cameela is slain. The Force operates the Nazca Ship and tries to fly to Granseal once more.

Return To Grans Island[edit | edit source]

As the Force flies from Parmecia to Granseal, they are shot down by lasers from Geshp's new project, the Prism Flowers. Once Bowie and the troops fight their way through another battle, they end up face to face with Geshp and the Prism Flowers. Geshp flees again, leaving the Force to deal with his Prism Flowers, in addition to other Devils. They are defeated, and the Force continues to make their way towards Galam, and ultimately Arc Valley. Geshp arrives once more, this time with a familiar face. The Red Baron, or Lemon, the general of the Galam Army. Geshp disappears once more. Red Baron and his army fall to Bowie and the Shining Force, and they remove his mask to reveal Lemon. Lemon talks as if it was all a dream, but Astral is the bearer of bad news, telling him that none of this was a dream. Lemon is determined to kill himself, but he is now immortal. Once the Force passes through Galam, Geshp makes his presence known again. This time, the Force doesn't let him get away, and he is cornered. Geshp is finally killed by the Force. Next, Bowie heads to Yeel, where he plays the piano for a moment. This opens up a secret door in the church, where all of the villagers are. A wizard named Chaz is with them, and he joins the Force. As Bowie tries to exit the town, Lemon jumps off of an elevated platform, impaling himself into the ground in vain. Lemon decides that if he is going to die, he will die fighting against Zeon, and joins the Force. After leaving Yeel, Bowie enters a cave to the south. He finds himself in a shrine, where his jewels are glowing brightly. They lead him to a door, which opens at the presence of the two jewels. Inside is a pedestal and a glowing sword. Bowie retrieves it from the rock and now wields it. It is the legendary Force Sword. The Force then sees a large devil's head statue. There is a space in the back of it, so Bowie plunges the Force Sword into it and takes it out. The mouth opens, showing a path. It is a narrow maze hovering over a pool of lava. Once the Force emerges from that, they are on a glass "battlefield" of sorts, as none other than the former Oddler, Odd Eye, makes his way out. In a very emotional battle, Bowie slays Odd Eye, who dies after telling Bowie that he would want to relive his life as someone like him.

After this, Creed is seen. He tells the Shining Force that Odd Eye destroyed his mansion and threw him into the sea, but he made his way to Arc Valley. He acts as a priest, blessing all of the Force. Once the Force enters the final room, King Galam is seen with Princess Elis. The battle commences, and King Galam is defeated by the Shining Force. After the battle, the ground rumbles and Zeon opens up a hole in the wall. The final battle is here. Bowie barely defeats Zeon, and he rescinds back into the hole he came through. Galam begins to speak, asking what happened, and to see Elis's face. Elis draws nearer, and Galam jumps up, seizing her. He announces that he is Zeon channeling his energy through Galam, and orders Bowie remove the Jewel of Evil. Bowie does so, and Zeon releases Elis. Lemon tries to save her and is enveloped in a fire. The Jewel of Light releases energy that puts that fire out, however. Lemon continues to move closer as Bowie knocks the Jewel of Evil out of Zeon's hand. Lemon drags him to a hole in the wall, sending them both to another dimension. The war with the devils was over. During this entire ordeal, Elis faints into a coma and Mitula reveals that Volcanon and she had helped the Force all along.

Two years later, Bowie is standing in the castle, and the person is being chosen that will kiss Elis and bring her out of her coma. Bowie is (almost) unanimously chosen to do the job. He goes upstairs and he and Elis kiss.

Main Playable Characters[edit | edit source]


Bowie is the main protagonist of Shining Force 2 and the main character that you play. Bowie is the hero and leader of the Shining Force and is a pupil of Sir Astral, a wizard of Granseal. He is the only character in the game that can wield the Force Sword. He has two spells that he is able to cast, Egress and Bolt. Egress is a spell that brings you out of the battle and to the last town you were in. Bolt is an offensive spell that deals considerable damage to the target(s). He is the only character in Shining Force 2 that is able to cast egress.

Bowie is a human and starts off at the class of Swordsman(SDMN)and after level 20 he is able to be promoted to Hero(HERO). He is a very well rounded character in the game and should be used for supporting an offensive assault when in battle. Since he is the main character in the game, when he is killed you lose the battle automatically, his beginning stats are as followed.

Hp-12 Mp-8 Attack-9 Defense-4 Agility-4 Movement-6


Sarah is Bowie's childhood friend, she is also a pupil of Sir Astreal, together with Chester and Jaha. She is one of the two characters to join your party at the beginning of the game. Her demeanor is quite at many times, but she is able to speak up for herself during pivotal times of the game. She is secretly in love with Bowie, and she has concerns for him as you progress in the game. She is an exceptional healer, with the makings to become a great fighter.

Sarah is a Human and starts off at the class of Priest (PRST). At the level of 20 she is able to be promoted to the next class, which is Vicar(VCR). She is also able to be promoted to an alternate class called Master Monk (MMNK) with the help of a special item. In the class of PRST, VCR, and MMNK she is able to cast Heal, Detox, Blast, and Slow, her starting stats are as followed.

Hp-11 Mp-10 Attack-9 Defense-5 Agility-5 Movement-5