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Shion is a video game character in The King of Fighters series and the sub-boss of the The King of Fighters XI game. Though Shion resembles a woman, his official backstory clearly states Shion is male.

History[edit | edit source]

Shion works under Magaki and moves for the resurrection of the seal-moved Orochi. He uses a form of barehanded wushu, a spear and a rope dart, and is known not to decline the invitation of a challenge.

Shion is first shown in the mid-game cinematics after the mid boss fight, where Magaki warns Shion of betraying him. Next, Shion is seen taking a break after turning the final's arena into ruins. After being beaten, he gets surprised by Magaki and whisked away to a different dimension. The most likely case is that, getting definitely upset by this, Shion does not waste time at all when finding an opening on Magaki's defense while trying to flee via dimensional rift. He kills Magaki by driving the spear right through his heart, killing him quickly, though still trapped in the other dimension.