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Basic Information
Video Game
Eroge, Visual novel
x2 CD, x1 DVD
DOS and PC
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Shizuku ( Shizuku?, lit. "Drip") is an eroge visual novel by Leaf originally released for DOS in January 26, 1996. It has since received releases for Windows. The sequel is ToHeart, because in To Heart ~remember my memories~, Yuusuke and a deceased Mizuho appears. Shizuku is a love tale about love

Characters[edit | edit source]

Yuusuke Nagase (長瀬 祐介 Nagase Yuusuke?)
The game's protagonist. [1]
Saori Shinjou (新城 沙織 Shinjou Saori?)
Voiced by: Sakura Takatsuki
A cheerful and talkative member of the volleyball team, she is an eyewitness to a certain event and is quickly swept up in the aftermath.[2]
Ruriko Tsukishima (月島 瑠璃子 Tsukishima Ruriko?)
Voiced by: Sakura Ichinomiya
Yuusuke's former classmate, she can often be found reading books in a secluded area. [3]
Mizuho Aihara (藍原 瑞穂 Aihara Mizuho?)
Voiced by: Mai Tachibana
The shy student council secretary with a hidden stubborn side, she has been best friends with Kanako Oota since middle school. [4]
Kanako Oota (太田 香奈子 Oota Kanako?)
Voiced by: Kaoru Imai
Yuusuke's classmate and vice-president of the student council. [5]
Genichirou Nagase (長瀬 源一郎 Nagase Genichirou?)
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Yuusuke's uncle and a teacher at the same school. Often provides useful advice in relation to the game's events. [6]
Takuya Tsukishima (月島 拓也 Tsukishima Takuya?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Tanaka

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