Shootout at Old Tucson

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Shootout at Old Tucson
Basic Information
Video Game
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Shootout at Old Tucson is a rare live-action laserdisc video game, released by American Laser Games in 1994 in the arcade. The game was produced for a limited number of systems, and was the only release by the company never to be ported to PC. Soon after it appeared on the market, American Laser Games went out of business, which, along with technical issues which limited its popularity in the arcades, further contributed to the title's obscurity. Shootout at Old Tucson was also one of the first games by American Laser Games developed based on 3DO technology. The game was filmed at Old Tucson Studios.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

The action takes place in the old Old West town of Tucson, Arizona. The game's plot bases on gunfights with villains, much like that of Mad Dog McCree, Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold and The Last Bounty Hunter, some of the company's earlier releases.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game, like other similar releases, involves aiming a light gun correctly in order to eliminate successively appearing villains, simultaneously attempting to avoid hitting innocent civilians. Two-player support is included.