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Silent Hill: The Arcade
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Rail shooter
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Silent Hill: The Arcade is an arcade game based on the survival horror video game series Silent Hill developed by Konami. The Arcade was first revealed at the 2007 Japan Arcade Operator's Union trade show by Konami.[1][2] The game was eventually released in Japan in August 2007, and during 2008 in Europe.

A rail shooter, as of November 2007 The Arcade is the only game in the Silent Hill series to deviate away from its traditional survival horror gameplay aside from Silent Hill: Play Novel for the Game Boy Advance. It is not likely to be released in the United States.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Silent Hill: The Arcade deals with two characters, Eric and Tina, who have entered the town of Silent Hill and must battle monsters while uncovering the mystery behind Eric's nightmares about a girl and a steamship.[3]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The gameplay in Silent Hill: The Arcade is similar to the House of the Dead series in which players use light guns to aim and shoot at enemies.[4]

The Arcade has a multiplayer element, where each player can choose to be either Eric or Tina.[4] Progress can be saved by using the e-Amusement pass.[4]

Different items can be used throughout the game:

  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
  • Health drink
  • Medical pack

Characters[edit | edit source]

The protagonists

Eric: The main protagonist of the story. A quiet, inquisitive 21- year old college student currently studying the occult, he is a resident from Portland. As a child, he used to live in Silent Hill but moved. His parents died before him and currently resides with his aunt and uncle. His grandfather, the captain of the Little Baroness, disappeared on Toluca Lake and has taken an interest on investigating the rumors circulating around the area.

Tina: Another main protagonist of the story. An outgoing, optimistic character, she is also a college student from Portland. She takes an interest on becoming a teacher, therefore enrolled in the education club. A friend of Emily, she accompanies the gang to Silent Hill to see her.

Bill: A friend of Eric and Tina. At the beginning of the game he is wounded by monsters. He isn't seen again after that.

Jessie: Another friend of Eric and Tina that travels with them to Silent Hill. After the attack on Bill, she disappeared but Eric and Tina can find her in the hospital, after a fight with Pyramid Head in the Otherworld.

Emilie: A 9- year old girl who commutes back and forth to Midwich Elementary and is the daughter of the Historical Societies' chief librarian. A friend of Tina's, she sends her e-mails during computer class. She is seen throughout the gameplay running and surviving from ferocious attackers.

Hanna: Born in 1910, she is a sickly girl who seems to be resented by her own mother. As a result, she tragically dies in the accident that held on the Little Baroness. She is the antagonist in the game wherein she is physically transformed as a creature with only a head and tentacles. After she is defeated, she turns back to her original form and is saved by Eric before she departs along with the Little Baroness in the good ending.

Other people with Eric and Tina are members of the school's occult club that came to Silent Hill with them. The day after they arrived, they went missing. The player has the choice of saving them.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Par for the course, most of these monsters now move in herds.

Raven-Bats (unofficial name): A cross between the Moth Bats from Silent Hill 4: The Room and the Air Screamer from the original Silent Hill. These tiny pterodactyl-like monsters seem to swarm up out of the gaping chasms that periodically litter the town. As should be expected, they can be taken out by a single hit, and pose little threat.

Split Head Groaners (unofficial name): A dog wrapped in bandages that looks similar to both the Sniffer Dogs from Silent Hill 4 and the Double-Head dogs from Silent Hill 3.

Tremors (unofficial name): The leech-like enemy from Silent Hill 4, they have been shown to cling to both the floor and ceiling indiscriminately, and can rain down from above onto Eric and Tina. Like the Screamer, they are not a particularly threatening enemy, likely causing serious trouble only when accompanied by groups of other, more volatile monsters.

Rubber Faces: A common, vaguely humanoid (or at least apelike) enemy that first debuted Silent Hill 4. The design has been simplified for use in The Arcade, now distinctly man-shaped with gray skin and a speckling of darker marks not unlike the spots on a cheetah. Among other revisions in their appearance, they seem to now fight barehanded (in Silent Hill 4, they often employed pipes and golf clubs) and no longer seem to be malformed (as the Silent Hill 4 Rubber Face) or falling apart (the "new-type" Rubber Face). The official Japanese site currently describes this monster as an original creature, sharing some characteristics of its previous incarnation.

Dark Nurses: A staple of the series, making appearances of one sort or another in almost all of the Silent Hill titles. The obscured head (and especially face) that has been a part of this creature since Silent Hill 2 returns again in a slightly different form, as their faces are bandaged up completely but they now have well-groomed shoulder-length hair. They seem to carry either an iron pipe or a pistol, and they move in odd, bounding strides, as if in some parody of a thief sneaking silently through the night.

Insane Cancers: Massive monsters resembling a highly obese human with grey, speckled skin. First appearing in Silent Hill 3, the monsters appear occasionally throughout the arcade game. Insane Cancers are always unarmed, attacking instead with their massive limbs and attempting to crush victims with their huge weight. They are deceptively fast despite their lumbering appearance.

Scrapers: A hard-hitting, late-game enemy from Silent Hill 3. Themselves a smaller, less devastating version of the Missionary boss monster encountered midway through Heather's quest, these monsters resemble a man completely shielded from head to toe, with thick rubber gloves and vicious blades the length of a forearm. They are probably the least changed in appearance of the "common" enemies ported to The Arcade, their design neither simplified nor noticeably altered. The first time Eric and Tina encounter one of these monsters, it seems to be kidnapping Tina's friend Emile.

Robbie the Rabbits: An interesting addition to the lineup of enemies is Robbie the Rabbit, previously known only as the mascot from the Lakeside Amusement Park. First appearing in Silent Hill 3, this creature was represented only as a costume, although examining them repeatedly would provoke the occasional unsettled comment from Heather ("Did that thing just move?"). In The Arcade, Robbie has become a monster, and now wields a variety of weapons, including an axe, a chainsaw, and rarely, a shotgun.

Pyramid Head: Partially explained in other articles, Pyramid Head (or the Bogeyman) wears a large triangular helmet that deliberately inflicts pain upon the wearer as a sort of punishment. He carries either a great knife or a spear.

Other Creatures include cockroaches, corpses, large worms, etc.

Levels[edit | edit source]

This level list is from a walkthrough of the game:
-Jack's Inn from Silent Hill 3 & Silent Hill 2
-Brookhaven Hospital from Silent Hill 2 & Silent Hill 3
-Historical Society Building from Silent Hill 2
-Toluca Prison from Silent Hill 2
-Underground Labyrinth from Silent Hill 2
-Central Square Shopping Center from Silent Hill 3
-Hazel Street Station & South Ashfield Station Silent Hill 3 & Silent Hill 4
-Lakeside Amusement Park from Silent Hill 3
-Alchemilla Hospital from Silent Hill, Silent Hill Homecoming, & Silent Hill: Origins
-The hole in Henry's apartment from Silent Hill 4

References[edit | edit source]

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