SimCity Societies: Destinations

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SimCity Societies: Destinations
Basic Information
Video Game
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City-building game
Keyboard and mouse
Microsoft Windows
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SimCity Societies: Destinations is an expansion pack for SimCity Societies and was released in North America on June 23, 2008.[1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

File:SimCity Societies Destinations image.jpg
Screenshot showing the features of SimCity Societies: Destinations.

The main focus of SimCity Societies: Destinations is tourism, with new features that allow players to build tourist destinations.[2] Destinations that can be created by the player include ski resorts, beach resorts, and theme parks. Air travel and water travel have also been introduced to the game, along with an improved map generator.[3]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Review scores
Publication Score C+[4]
GameZone 7.8 of 10[5]
IGN 6.7 of 10[6]

SimCity Societies: Destinations received average reviews. GameZone described it as a "decent expansion", but "not a must-have one". The review describes the game as more challenging than the original release of SimCity Societies, but "with just enough content to make it new".[5] GameSpot commented that the expansion "makes a decent game a good one", and went onto praise the game's increased complexity.[7] IGN concluded that SimCity Societies: Destinations "finally starts to make SimCity Societies feel worthy of the SimCity name." Their review acknowledges IGN's criticism of the original game for lack of direction, and praises the expansion pack for improvements to the gameplay. The review however also criticises the game for poor frame rate performance and repetitiveness.[6] also criticised the game's poor performance and described the expansion pack as redundant to the patches available for SimCity Societies.[4] PC Gamer UK assessed SimCity Societies: Destinations as "a weak add-on to an improving game".[8] Aggregate review websites gave scores of 67.80% on GameRankings,[9] and 62% on Metacritic.[8]

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