Simon Belmont

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Simon Belmont


Game Series Castlevania series
First Appearance Castlevania
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Vampire Killer whip

Simon Belmont is the most famous of the Belmont clan to face off against Count Dracula and the first one to be featured in the Castlevania series. He appears twice in the series and also holds the distinction of being one of the few Belmonts to face Dracula twice. His adventures can be found on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Castlevania[edit | edit source]

In the year 1691 Dracula returned from the grave to once again take revenge on the world. He knew that it wouldn't be long before a Belmont would appear to challenge him. By this time, Dracula was well aware of the power of the Belmonts and decided that a change of strategy might help him destroy his sworn enemies. With a new plan conceived, Dracula immediately began setting his trap by calling on legions of the damned to attack the villages and towns of Romania. In their time of need the people called on the Belmont clan once again for help. This time, Simon Belmont was the one to answer the call. Being the grandson of Christopher Belmont, Simon was well trained in the ways of vampire hunting. Making his way to Dracula's castle, Simon fought through the hellish domain until he reached the Castle Keep, where Dracula awaited him. There the two did battle. Seeing that Simon was winning, Dracula called on the powers of darkness to transform himself into an enormous blue and white colored beast. Undaunted, Simon continued to fight until he finally defeated the Count and restored peace to the world...or so he thought. In truth, Dracula had planned to lose the battle. With his last breath he placed a curse on the young Belmont. Now, when he resurrected 100 years later as he planned, the Belmont line would be long dead...

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest[edit | edit source]

It is 1698. Seven years have passed since Simon defeated Dracula. However, something isn't right. Simon is plagued by constant pain and a lingering illness that he cannot seem to overcome. It feels like the life is slowly being drained out of him. To make matters worse, Dracula's servants are still roaming the countryside, wreaking havoc. Simon is finally able to uncover the truth: He has been cursed and if he doesn't remove it soon it will kill him. He then learns that Dracula's servants have cut up the Count's body and hid five parts in different mansions throughout the land. The only way to remove the curse is to find the parts, resurrect the Count, and destroy him all over again. Left with no other choice, Simon sets out on a new quest. He tracks down each part one by one until he has found all five of them, battling his way through many monsters in the process.

With the parts in tow, Simon returns to Castlevania and performs the ritual to resurrect the Count. Due to such an early resurrection Dracula is nowhere near his full strength and is quickly defeated by Simon, thus removing the curse and freeing him from an early death.

Combat[edit | edit source]

In Castlevania Simon's main weapon is the standard for all Belmonts, the Vampire Killer whip. The whip can be upgraded twice with powerups found in candles or torches. Simon is also able to fight with the subweapons of the Belmonts: the dagger, ax, holy water, clock, and boomerang/cross.

In Castlevania II Simon's main weapon is still the whip except this time he is able to purchase upgrades for it at different points in the game instead of finding them in candles or torches. Once an upgrade is purchased it cannot be lost unless a downgrade is bought. Simon is also given many more subweapons to use, including three types of daggers, a flame, holy water, and a crystal that bounces around the screen. He can even use Dracula's rib as a shield to deflect some projectiles.

Other Appearances[edit | edit source]

Simon is also the main protagonist of Super Castlevania IV for the Super NES. This game is not a separate adventure, but is actually a retelling of the events of the first Castlevania. Simon makes use of the same weapons that he did in Castlevania, except this time he is able to move the whip in 8 directions instead of the usual two. He is also able to crouch and walk and can jump onto stairs.

Simon was announced as a newcomer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during a Nintendo Direct on August 8, 2018.