Sir Daniel Fortesque

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Sir Daniel Fortesque

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Dan in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Game Series MediEvil
First Appearance MediEvil
Alias: Dan-hand, Dankenstein
Japanese Name: ダニエル・フォーテスク
Status: Alive
Occupation: Head of the Royal Battalion
Nationality: English
Species: Human (Undead skeleton)
Age: Mid-thirties
Gender: Male
Birthdate: c. 1250
Birthplace: Gallowmere
Dis-Likes: Snakes
Home: Fortesque Graveyard
Weapon(s): Swords, axes, bows, spears, daggers, pistols
Skill(s): Can take off his head and detach his own arm
Creator(s): Chris Sorrell, Jason Wilson
Voice Actor(s): Jason Wilson, Marc Silk, Stéphane Cornicard
I'll show you!
~ Sir Daniel Fortesque, MediEvil.

Sir Daniel Fortesque is the main protagonist of the MediEvil series. He's also made several cameos in PlayStation exclusive party games, such as Hot Shots Golf and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

The character was created by Chris Sorrell. Daniel's voice was provided by multiple voice actor throughout the games, most notably Jason Wilson, who was also the Lead Artist and script writer for the original MediEvil.

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