Slashear - crazy cartoon story

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Slashear - crazy cartoon story
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Basic Information
Video Game
Maxim Kupriyanov
Microsoft Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, Wii U and Android
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Storyline[edit | edit source]

Slashear - crazy cartoon story is an action game about a little boy, that, being under the impression from watching superhero and adventure movies, turns into a Slashear in his fantasies. The game is full of adventures and battles of a little boy against unbelievably dangerous and evil rabbits.

The game failed to make its funding goals.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Gameplay is based on parodies of popular movies (we don’t steal anybody’s ideas). The actors are the bunnies in various guises. Among all the creatures they proved to be the best at the art of deception and disguise:) During the game process you will have to fight crowds of enemies, tiny and huge monsters armed with numerous weapons. But this is not all! To defeat a monster you will also have to slow down and focus on some logical puzzles, figure out trap mechanisms built by wicked opponents or create your own to lure into a trap a vicious monster-bunny.

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