Slipstream 5000

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Slipstream 5000
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Video Game
The Software Refinery
Gremlin Interactive
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Slipstream 5000 is a computer game for the PC, published by Gremlin Interactive in April 1995, and developed by The Software Refinery - better known for Hardwar. It is a 3D racing game, where several characters and their customized skimmers compete in races around various global tourist attractions and historic venues, including the Grand Canyon and Chicago.

It is compatible with DOS as well as Windows 95 and Windows 98 via their native DOS support. Later versions of Windows based on the NT kernel have issues with running the game, but it can be run successfully via DOSBox under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS X.

Characters (racers): Cobra, Edward Charles "Eddy" Royce, Horst, Isis the Crisis, Kin & Gin Matsu (twin sisters), Rysho, Shaman, Slayed, Ted "Malibu" Beach, Victoria Venice.

It was also distributed free with Classic Logitech Wingman Extreme Joysticks during the 1990s.

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