Soccer Fury

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Soccer Fury
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Video Game
Digital Legends
Association Football
Microsoft Windows
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Soccer Fury is a three-on-three arcade action game combining street soccer with fighting techniques.

Game features[edit | edit source]

  • Three1-on-three urban soccer with spectacular fighting techniques.
  • Online multiplayer only: form teams, compete in leagues & tournaments.
  • Tricks moves, team tactics: cut down the opposition and work together to win.
  • Complete character customization: from hairstyle to tattoos, from head to toe.
  • Character Evolution: build a unique blend of skills & styles.
  • Team Evolution: customize your home turf & logo.
  • Urban Settings, Global Fashions: characters reflect the streets.
  • Cutting edge graphics technology: realistic characters, realistic environments.
  • Motion captured animations: utilizing one of the world's best freestyle players.

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