Soccer Management Simulator 2

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Soccer Management Simulator 2
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Video Game
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Serious Games
Soccer Management Simulator
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Soccer Management Simulator 3
Sports, Business Simulation
Association Football
Microsoft Windows
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Soccer Management Simulator 2 is a football management simulator, aimed at British gamers. The data contained is limited to the end of the transfer deadline at the conclusion of the 1995-1996 English footballing season. Based on your computer's clock, the latest season that this version will begin first is the 2000-01 season, but the data will still be from the end of the 1995-96 season.

According to the developer, the data for players for English football clubs as of version 1.1 includes correct full names and ages, with their abilities being assigned based on personal opinion or estimates from the developer. Non-league information is complete guesswork, and for European clubs, first and last names are correct, but many of the ages are guessed.

The game was tested and coded against Windows 3.1, and there are several minor glitches that can occur when running the game on Windows 95 or later. The game was originally released as Shareware, and included on cover discs of magazines such as PC Format, but was later made available as Freeware.

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