Soldiers at War

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Soldiers at War
Basic Information
Video Game
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[[Strategic Simulations|Publisher}}, Inc.]]]]
Turn-based tactics
Mouse and keyboard
Animated ViolenceAnimated Blood
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Soldiers at War is a turn-based tactics game set in World War II. You take control of eight-man squads through the campaign of fifteen historically-based missions, starting in north Africa and ending in Germany. Your soldiers become more experienced and can take items with them onto the next mission. This allows you to build up powerfully well-equipped forces by the end of the war. The game also features a selection of single play stand-alone missions and a comprehensive scenario editor that improves the game's replayability. The multiplayer mode allows up to four people to participate in competitive games via LAN or online.

You select your squad from a group of 32 men, each with his own skills profile, and you must equip them to suit each mission and their role. The game's controls involve moving your soldiers around with the mouse and have some 40 different commands at your disposal. The game is played looking down on the maps with their 3D terrain. You can remove layers of terrain in order to see inside buildings or behind other objects and keep track of your soldiers. The campaign is played from the perspective of the Americans against the Germans and Italians; you will also encounter free French forces throughout some of the later missions. The game is regarded as unrealistic compared to others like Steel Panthers and Close Combat, and has a bit of a Hollywood movie feel to it.

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