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Kaori Tanaka (田中 香 Tanaka Kaori?), also known by her pen name, Soraya Saga (嵯峨 空哉 Saga Soraya?), is a Japanese illustrator, designer, and video game story writer.

She adopted "Clio Saga" (嵯峨 栗生 Saga Kurio?) as her pen name for several years before changing it to "Soraya Saga" circa 2001 (though she is also sometimes credited under her birth name). She worked for Square for many years, serving as a map designer on Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI. She also created the Final Fantasy VI characters Edgar Roni Figaro and Mash Rene Figaro (renamed Sabin Rene Figaro in the English version of the game), and wrote their backstories and dialogue.[1] Along with Tetsuya Takahashi, she is a co-creator of Xenogears. She, along with several other employees, left Squaresoft in 1999 to help Monolith Soft begin the Xenosaga series, writing a large portion of the story and creating several of the characters. Saga was never an official Monolith Soft employee, and her contributions were made on a freelance basis. At some point during the production of Xenosaga Episode II, Saga was informed that her services would no longer be needed in the production of the remaining installments of the series.

She is married to Tetsuya Takahashi, and has two children; she lives in Tokyo.

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