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Basic Information
Video Game
[[Heat Soft]][[Category:Heat Soft]]
[[Heat Soft]][[Category:Heat Soft]]
ADV (18+)
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Souin or 操淫~恥辱に染まるトラウマ~ in Japanese is a eroge game

Summary[edit | edit source]

The main character is a new teacher, who has lost self-confidence due to his inability to motivate his students. One day he heard rumors of a shady self-improvement seminar from his students. He went to the seminar, intending to expose the scam, but found himself telling the lecturer of his problems instead.

The lecturer told the main character that he has to overcome his fear versus his students. Then a girl in school uniform appeared, and started verbally insulting the main character. In his anger against the series of harsh insults, the main character assaulted the girl. When he realized what he has done and was shocked, it was revealed that this was part of the curriculum of the seminar, to help him recover his confidence.

After a few more "sessions", the main character has build up his confidence, and was recruited to be a new instructor for the seminar. Thus begins his side job, "helping" various girls overcoming their traumas...

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