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Basic Information
Video Game
Gremlin Entertainment]][[Category:Infogrames
Gremlin Entertainment]]
Fantasy RPG
keyboard, mouse
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Soulbringer is a fantasy RPG developed by Infogrames and Gremlin Entertainment. Published and released by Interplay on June 30, 2000 the game received lackluster reviews[1] and was not a great seller for Interplay.

Plot[edit | edit source]

It starts off with the story of a young man arriving in a town called Madrigal to find his uncle Andrus, who is the man's only remaining family member after his father died. However, the protagonist is soon caught in the middle of strange bandit activity around town. During the game, it is revealed that the hero is a reincarnation of a powerful being whose purpose is to defeat a group of ancient demons known as Revenants. Even though forgotten, the Revenants are secretly standing behind all major conflicts and problems of the world. The hero has to reawaken his past-life powers, travel to parallel worlds and ultimately locate and kill all the Revenants and their followers.

A player battles a NPC and wins, gaining XP.

References[edit | edit source]

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