Space Cowboy Online

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Space Cowboy Online
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Basic Information
Video Game
Massive Multiplayer Online Shooter
Digital Download
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Space Cowboy Online is a massive multiplayer online space shooter from the makers of Flyff. The gameplay, which bears some resemblance to Starfox and Ace Combat, mainly revolves around controlling your ship (or gear) around a series of maps connected by warp points.

The game features some RPG elements by allowing players to gain experience points by defeating wild enemies. Other than upgrading stats, you can also gain new weapons & missiles. Once a player reaches level 11, they are allowed to join one of two armies. Once an allegiance has been made, players of each nation may attack each other at any time.

Gears[edit | edit source]

The term "gears" refers to the type of vehicle you choose. There are a total of 4 gears to choose from, each with specific abilities, equipment, advantages, and disadvantages.

  • I-Gear
    • A fast fighter with the potential for some of the strongest missiles. It is primarily an air-to-air vehicle.
  • A-Gear
    • A powerful, multi-terrain, tank-like gear. It primarily hovers over the ground, but it can temporarily take to the skies if necessary. It can remain stationary and enter different siege modes.
  • B-Gear
    • A bomber-type. Good for air-to-ground combat.
  • M-Gear
    • A support fighter. It can hover, repair others, repair itself, implement buffers in its formation, and more.