Space Quest V: Roger Wilco in The Next Mutation

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Space Quest V: Roger Wilco in The Next Mutation
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Sierra On-Line]][[Category:Sierra On-Line]]
Adventure game
Main Credits
[[Mark Crowe]]
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This game is part of the Space Quest series.

Plot Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Roger is now a cadet in the StarCon academy. He graduates and is appointed captain of the SCS Eureka, a space garbage scow.

Space Quest V is almost entirely a parody of Star Trek. Roger's new ship features a command bridge and several officers to whom he can give orders. This game was the first in the series not designed by "The Two Guys From Andromeda": only Mark Crowe worked on the project, and the game's sense of humor is noticeably different than that in previous games.

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