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Spark (game)
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Spark is a free multiplayer, 2D computer game created in 2007 based on its predecessor Attack Retrieve Capture (ARC). The game is primarily capture the flag (CTF), but other game modes exist. Players pilot small ships equipped with 4 types of weapons: lasers, missiles, bouncy lasers, and grenades.

History[edit | edit source]

On July 16, 2007, Sierra Entertainment - the company owning ARC at the time - posted a news release on their website expressing intentions to terminate multiplayer support for several Sierra Heritage titles (including ARC) August 16, 2007 [1]. During this period a player by the username of Remote began forming Spark. During its early revival Spark acted practically the same way as ARC, but as it matured with new features it began to develop its own personality. During 2009 Remote - because of lack of income from the game - handed off ownership to two admins under the usernames Nas and RareOps[2][3].

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are two to four teams (green, red, blue, and yellow). Each player pilots a ship of his or her team's color. The ships move around a plane. There are obstacles which the ships cannot pass through (walls, areas with no floor, etc.) Ships are armed with a laser and special weapons. When the laser is fired, its power drains. Laser power returns at a constant rate. To capture flags and switch switches you simply fly your ship over them.

There are 4 game modes:

  • Frag - The object of this mode is solely to destroy enemy ships, bringing your score up as high as possible.
  • Switch - To win this game you must flip all of the switches by driving over them with your ship.
  • Capture the Flag - To win this game you must capture the enemy flag(s) and bring them back to your flag holder (normally located in or near your team's base.).
  • Assassin - To win this game you must assassinate your opponent's "president". At the beginning of each game the first person on your team to pick up the flag at your base is "elected" president. During this mode the presidents of various teams are the only players that can shoot grenades.

Scoring[edit | edit source]

When you join a game your score is zero. It may never go below zero. If you win a round in the game, your team receives two points each, and the one who secured the final objective receives three points. If another team wins a game you lose a point. If you destroy another ship you receive a point. How many points you lose when you are destroyed depends on how many you already have. If you have 1-9 points you wont lose any. If you have 10-19 you will lose one. If you have 20-29 you will lose 2 and so on.

References[edit | edit source]

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