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A Speed Run, is the art of completing a level, or entire Video game as quickly as possible. Speed runners accomplish this feat using a number of tricks and tactics, from shortcuts, to simple strategy, and even more complex means such as Sequence breaking to accomplish this.

Categories[edit | edit source]

Speed runs come in many forms, the basic of which are broken down into these categories.

  • 100% completion - requires collecting every item, secret, or any other obtainable and significant item in the game. Restrictions may apply from game-to-game.
  • Any% - Complete the game as fast as possible, no restrictions.
  • MST - An Ocarina of Time category, complete all dungeons and finish the game.
  • Low% - Complete the game with the lowest completion percentage possible. This form of speed run has become obsolete since the introduction of any%.

Terminology[edit | edit source]

Because speed runs can be completed in a variety of ways, each technique has adopted it's own nick name, if you plan on making your own, or just want to learn more about the glorious art of speed running, you shouldn't miss these.

  • Segmented - Indicates that they did not play the game in one part, but recorded the run in parts allowing them to optimise each and every segment.
  • Blind - A term often used by speedrunners to indicate they have not played the game before or have no knowledge of the game.
  • Semi-Blind - A term often used by speedrunners to indicate that they have played the game but only to a certain point, and have some knowledge of the game.
  • RTA - - A timing method commonly used in speedruns, typically timed from first input to last input in real-time, using an external timer.
  • RNG - Random Number Generator
  • SRL - SpeedRunsLive
  • SDA - SpeedDemosArchive
  • IL - Individual Level
  • WR - World Record
  • PB - Personal Best
  • Twitch - twitch.tv, a streaming platform
  • Live streaming - When a speedrunner streams their runs on a streaming platform
  • Hitbox.tv - A twitch.tv alternative
  • Hitbox - The area around an enemy in which the code registers damage to the enemy.
  • Splitting - When a user progresses a checkpoint on a splitting platform such as WSplit, LiveSplit, SplitterZ and Llanfair. It will then feedback on their progress.
  • Clip - When a user utilises a weakness in game to breach through a barrier.
  • TAS - Tool assisted speedrun, may also refer to Tool assisted superplay - defines a speed run completed with the usage of emulators, savestates or slowdowns. Unlike the aforementioned speedrun types, tool-assisted speedruns are designed to be entertaining as well as fast, and are not a show of player skill so much as planning, creativity and artistic ability.
  • SS - Single Segment - Defines a run executed in one sitting. Depending on the game being run, Single Segment may prevent saving and quitting to save time.
  • IGT - In-game time - Defines a run timed with an in-game timer.

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