Speedball 2 Tournament

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For the original computer game, see Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe. For the Xbox Live Arcade game, see Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (XBLA).
Speedball 2 Tournament
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Frogster Interactive Pictures]][[Category:Frogster Interactive Pictures]]
Futuristic sports game
Microsoft Windows
PEGI: 12+
USK: 6+
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Speedball 2 Tournament is a sequel to the Commodore Amiga futuristic sports video game Speedball originally created by Bitmap Brothers, published by Frogster Interactive Pictures and developed by Kylotonn.

Features[edit | edit source]

As of 26 July 2007, the official site states the game will feature fully customizable male, female and droid players, and a virtual marketplace for unlockable in-game content. The game will also feature live streaming of ranked matches, as well as live sports commentary and developer interviews.

The game also features a subscriber-based "Gold" mode in which players are granted access to worldwide officially ranked leagues. The site does not mention if the subscription is related to the Games for Windows - Live service.

Development[edit | edit source]

Typical gameplay screenshot

Public interest in a modern remake of Speedball 2 was rekindled by a high-profile Half-Life 2 modification, SourceBall.[1] The SourceBall project began development in November 2004,[2] and garnered interest from both Valve Software (many of whom claimed to be fans of the original Speedball 2), and from Mike Montgomery of the Bitmap Brothers. SourceBall was featured in a Steam News article broadcast to the Steam community, and was used by Valve in their 2005 presentation at The Gathering in Norway. Following a change of leadership in early 2006, development on the SourceBall project ended, but public demand for a new version of Speedball 2 remained high.

In October 2006, Frogster Interactive announced that it had secured the rights to remake Speedball 2. Frogster has slated for release in Autumn 2007, and on April 27, 2007 released a trailer for Speedball 2. For the production of Speedball 2, Kylotonn assembled a new team of game designers and programmers. As eminent advisor and lead producer, Mike Montgomery from Bitmap Brothers is supervising all steps in the development of the game.

The title was changed to Speedball 2 Tournament in November 2007.

Distribution[edit | edit source]

On 5 November 2007, Kylotonn and Valve released information that they would distribute the game via Steam and the end of November, 2007.[3]

References[edit | edit source]