Spindizzy Worlds

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Spindizzy Worlds
Basic Information
Video Game
ASCII Entertainment
Game Pak
Super Nintendo Controller
SNES, Amiga and Atari ST
Retail Features
Main Credits
Paul Shirely
European Union European Release Date(s)
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
August 71992
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Spindizzy Worlds is a puzzle game where you control a spinning top called G.E.R.A.L.D. (Geographic Environmental Reconnaissance And Land-Mapping Device) as it explores a solar system full of planets. Instead of a health bar, Gerald has a "fuel" bar, which works in exactly the same way, except it decreases ever so slowly as you're moving around. For some inexplicable reason collecting gems refills your fuel.

There are two solar systems to play through in the game. Easydizzy has 7 planets (levels) - 6 orbiting one large one - and Spindizzy which has 23 planets.

The game uses an isometric view, and combining this with a slightly tricky control system (moving diagonally using the D-pad can be a pain) makes some of the puzzles/jumps in the later stages mind bogglingly annoying.