Sprint 2

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Sprint 2
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Kee Games]][[Category:Kee Games]]
[[Kee Games]][[Category:Kee Games]]
Two sets of: steering wheel, 4-way gear shifter, and two foot pedals
Main Credits
Dennis Koble
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Sprint 2 is a 2 player overhead-view arcade racer released in 1976 by Kee Games,[1] a wholly owned subsidiary of Atari.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Sprint 2 evolved from Gran Trak 10 and Gran Trak 20, but included a microprocessor (the 6502), a first for racing games. This allowed Sprint 2 to include two computer-controlled cars, better graphics, and more tracks. Unlike Gran Trak, this machine did not have brake pedals, but the players could still make their cars "fishtail" by turning their steering wheels abruptly.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Sprint 2 was the first in a long series of games, some of which bore its name into the 1980s.

  • Sprint 4 and Sprint 8, a 4 player and 8 player version respectively, were released in 1977. Both were full color raster versions of the game.
  • Sprint 1 was released in 1978. The "1" and "2" designations reflect the number of players, rather than indicating it was a prequel.

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