Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required"

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Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required"
Basic Information
Video Game
Humongous Entertainment
macOS and Microsoft Windows
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This title has been rated E by the ESRB
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Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required" is the second of three games in the Spy Fox series of video games developed by Humongous Entertainment and marketed by Atari. The game is an adventure game centered around the World's Fair. The villain in this game is Napoleon LeRoach, the leader of the Society of Meaningless Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling (S.M.E.L.L.Y.) tries to disrupt the fair by using an evil Dogbot, a 1000/1 scale robot capable of destroying the fairgrounds.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

The freedom of the world is once again in peril as the Spy Corps must call on their trusty envoy, Spy Fox to neutralize a plot engineered by the Society of Meaningless Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling (S.M.E.L.L.Y.)

The Giant Evil Dogbot, a villainous weapon, is masquerading as a statue at the World’s Fair. The Dogbot's collar cleverly holds the Chateau LeRoach, a restaurant where SpyFox will find Napoleon LeRoach, mastermind of a plan for revenge, dining. LeRoach has held a grudge against the population of his world for a long time, ever since he was denied entry to the World's Fair because of his insufficient height. With the entry of each fairgoer, the turnstile winds-up the Giant Evil Dogbot’s gears. SpyFox needs to track down the activation code and OFF switch. Then, before the millionth customer moves through the turnstile, Spy Fox needs to slip through the Achilles’ heel of the evil Dogbot by sneaking past the breath analyzer to install the OFF switch and set the activation code. Having done so, he must then activate the OFF switch and if possible, get to the bonus ending where he can trick LeRoach into entering prison through its sewer pipes.

To get into Chateau LeRoach, Spyfox must use the correct i.d. to sneak past the friendly, yet not so intelligent guard of the restaurant. Luckily, Spy Corps Mobile Command has Professor Quack's latest invention: a false i.d. maker. SpyFox can insert a tweaked picture of him into the i.d. maker and print out an i.d. to show to the guard. Finally, Spyfox can meet up with LeRoach. LeRoach will (after explaining his evil plot to SpyFox in nauseating detail) trap SpyFox in the mouth of the Dogbot. Using the right gears, SpyFox can easily unwind the Dogbot's tooth that is blocking the ladder down. After a quick message from Monkey Penny, SpyFox must then locate where the OFF switch, (cleverly hidden somewhere in the World's Fair) OFF code and a way to get in. Depending on the game path, Spyfox will use a variety of gadgets to locate each of these things.

(Pressing F1 on the keyboard during gameplay opens up a cheat sheet as to how to solve each gamepath. The F1 cheat is common for most Humongous Entertainment games)

Characters[edit | edit source]

The following are main characters in Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required". For a more complete list of characters, see the List of characters in Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required".

  • Spy Fox: Dapper detective who once rescued the cows of the world and who is now pitted against Napoleon LeRoach and the Evil Dogbot. Spy Fox's voice actor is Mike Madeoy.
  • Napoleon LeRoach: Leader of the Society of Meaningless, Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling, (S.M.E.L.L.Y.) and Spy Corps nemesis, LeRoach’s evil plot is to use his Giant Evil Dogbot to take over the world! His desire stems from the fact that he has been laughed at and scorned for his size; destruction of the World's Fair and global governments is planned in revenge. Napoleon LeRoach is voiced by David Scully.
  • Giant Evil Dogbot: Created by the S.M.E.L.L.Y. Toy Division and maximized to ratio of 1,000 to 1. This villainous weapon is posing as a centerpiece at the World’s Fair. The Chateau LeRoach restaurant is located in its collar. Seen in a short cameo as trash in an unnamed evil organization's lair in Spy Fox 3: "Operation Ozone".
  • Monkey Penny: Spy Fox’s resourceful partner located at the Spy Corps Mobile Command Center. She can be reached, for information and encouragement, at any time on the Spy Watch.
  • Professor Quack: Mastermind and creator of all the Spy Corps gadgets. He spends all his time working on new inventions in the Spy Corps Mobile Command Center. He'll explain to Spy Fox how each gadget works when the player clicks on them in the Spy Gadget vending machine. He has a habit of eating the gadget's blueprints after explaining the gadget's functions to the player.
  • The Caped Cod: A washed up stuntman, the Caped Cod has two problems, one for each of the two versions of the mission. In the first version he needs his trademark clear goggles rather than the dark ones so he can see the target clearly after being shot out of his cannon. In the second version he does not want to perform because he feels like he does not have any more fans. When Spy Fox introduces him to Elmo, his biggest fan, he agrees to do some stunts and finally slips out of his funk.
  • Elmo: A little dog about the age of 8, Elmo is the Caped Cod's biggest fan. He knows and owns everything about the Caped Cod and finally brings him out of his depression upon meeting him. The two become fast friends despite the difference in age.
  • Doll and Lee: These two sheep can be found at the food cloning booth at the fair. They both look, and talk the same and can take anything and make doubles of it.
  • Bea: One of the only recurring secondary characters in the Spy Fox Trilogy (can be seen all 3 of the Spy Fox games), in "Some Assembly Required" she can be seen running a massage booth. Her trademark rough massages can be traced back to her schooling at, "Oh Man That Hurts" massage school.
  • Chef Dinah: The Chef for the Chateu Le Roach, Dinah talks suspiciously like Julia Child. Her famous utterance can be heard while she is cooking, "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah." She has won 1st prize in both her pineapple rightsideup cake and her pickle pot pie and can also whip up a mean roasted boot bernaise.
  • Ralph: This security guard can be found guarding the entrance of Chateou Le Roach right next to the "free photo booth." You cannot get inside unless you have an I.D. card with an oddly specific occupation by your name. He loves his job as a security guard but also enjoys more dangerous endeuvors such as bungee jumping or skydiving.
  • Chief: The chief of Spy Corps who meets Spy Fox after he escapes from the ski shack and again when he presents Spy Fox with the Grand Golden Family Approved Fortified Supreme Certificate of Excellence for landing Napoleon LeRoach in Spy Jail. He also appears in Spy Fox 3: "Operation Ozone".

Locations[edit | edit source]

The following are the major locations in Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required". For a more complete list of locations, see the List of locations in Spy Fox 2: "Some Assembly Required".

  • Spy Corps Mobile Command Center: In this game, the base for Spy Corps is located in an old beat-up looking caravan.
  • World's Fair : The setting for the game. It is not clear where the fair is being held (or when). In the game world, the fair showcases (among other things) a cloning exhibit, a figure-skating exhibition, a waxworks museum, and the giant dogbot.
  • Chateau LeRoach: The restaurant located in the evil Dogbot's collar, Napoleon LeRoach dines there. He will tell Spy Fox his plan, then imprison him in the Dogbot's mouth. If Spy Fox breaks out and talks to Napoleon LeRoach again, he will get imprisoned in the Dogbot's mouth again, and so on. From here, the player can see what Game Path he/she is playing. If a Venus flytrap is on the table, the player is playing the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path. If the Destruct-o-lux containing the OFF switch molecules is on the table, the player is playing the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path. In the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path, Spy Fox has to enter the machine's 2-letter and 3-digit code, then use the StealthVac to suck up the molecues from the Destruct-o-lux and keep them until the Restruct-o-lux is found.

Gadgets[edit | edit source]

For a list of gadgets used in the game, see the List of gadgets in the Spy Fox series.

Gadgets dispensed from the vending machine in the Spy Corps Mobile Command Center used by Spy Fox to solve problems that arise while playing the game. Spy Fox can only carry up to four gadgets at a time.

Items[edit | edit source]

Spy Fox sometimes uses items he picks up to help him proceed in the mission.

  • Photo: A photo taken at the Photo booth which is used in a fake I.D. card. The player can take a photo of SPY Fox dressed up as a waitress, fisherman, wrestler and more!
  • I.D. card: A fake I.D. card generated from the I.D. Maker with a fake name, a fake occupation and Spy Fox's photo. Used to get pass Ralph, the Chateau LeRoach's kitchen guard. The machine itself explodes after its intended use is completed.
  • Rose-tinted Glasses: A S.M.E.L.L.Y. goon drops a pair as he enters the Dogbot. They are used to see the rose coloreed breath analyzer at the Dogbot's heel entrance.
  • OFF switch: One of three things needed to call off the evil Dogbot, it is obtained from the mouth of a Venus flytrap (Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path) or from liquid molecules in the Destruct-o-lux (Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path).
  • Walter Wireless the Tracking Bug: Walter is a little guy but his cover is solid. He's a bug! He is used to get into the main display of Wee World and find Dotti Dash, who will then transmit the Dogbot's activation code, one of three things needed to call off the evil Dogbot, to Spy Fox via his Spy Watch. Also used in Spy Fox 1 in "Dry Cereal".
  • Activation code: One of three things needed to call off the evil Dogbot, Dotti Dash the Microfish intercepts it and waits for Walter Wireless to transmit it to Spy Fox via the Spy Watch at Wee World.
  • Rebus (used only in the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path): This bottle cap rebus found in a trophy at the Ice Rink, it tells Spy Fox that a wooden statue in the Wax Museum contains the 3-digit code for the Destruct-o-lux and the Restruct-o-lux. It also tells him which statue to look.
  • Postcard (used only in the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path): Given out one per customer by Virgil, the Souvenir Salesman and World's Fair Entrance Hand Stamper. The four postcards are for Ewe Clone It, Food of the Future, the Chateau LeRoach and the Wax Museum. The Wax Museum's postcard is used to trick Cooper, the Wax Museum's Security Guard's security camera.
  • Restruct & Destruct-o-Lux Code (used only in the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path): The Destruct-o-lux and Restruct-o-lux's 3-digit code found in the Wax Museum's wooden statue, Spy Fox needs this code to suck the OFF switch out of the Destruct-o-lux and reconstruct it in the Restruct-o-lux.
  • Cape (used only in the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path): The Amazing Caped Cod's parachute cape used by Spy Fox to get pass the Fan room's fan once it is deactivated. Borrowed from the Caped Cod after he performs a stunt for Elmo.
  • Rose (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): A rose given to Spy Fox by Victor, the Ice Rink's Ice-skating Attendant for his skating skills, it is given to Madame LadyBug, Plant World's proprietress, in exchange for a Venus flytrap with the OFF switch in its mouth once Spy Fox opens its locked cage.
  • Ice-Skate Maneuver Diagram (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): To use the Spy Skates, you’ll need to find an ice-skate maneuver diagram. Bea Bear, a former ice-skating champion, works at the World’s Fair. She will give Spy Fox the diagram.
  • Leaf (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): Lenny the Informant Worm gives this leaf to Spy Fox at the Food of the Future pavilion. Lenny chews the combination for the lock of the Venus flytrap with the OFF switch's cage. However, the text is microscopic and the magnifying glass at Plant World is needed to see it.
  • Venus Flytrap (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): A Venus flytrap with the OFF switch firmly clasped in its jaws. Found at Plant World. Spy Fox obtains it by trading a rose obtained at the Ice Rink as a reward for an expert ice-skating performance for it. Spy Fox has to help Madame LadyBug, Plant World's proprietress, figure out the combination for the Venus flytrap's lock first.
  • Clear Goggles (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): Welder's pair of clear goggles which Spy Fox must take while the S.M.E.L.L.Y. agent is busy with the fast moving conveyor belt. Traded to the Caped Cod in exchange for his dark goggles.
  • Dark Goggles (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): A pair of dark goggles found at The Amazing Caped Cod stunt area. The Caped Cod can't perform a stunt unless Spy Fox gives him Welder's clear goggles. The dark goggles are used to get past the Bright Light room.
  • Chef Outfit (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): A chef's outfit taken from a statue at the Wax Museum used to trick Chef Dinah into thinking Spy Fox is a chef, letting him use her oven to bake the Spy Key Replicator's key photo to access Wee World.
  • Key (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): A key made from baking a picture of one of Wee World's keys taken by the Spy Key Replicator. Used to get into Wee World.
  • Wrench (used only in the Bonus Ending): A wrench found in the Spy Jail pipe machine area used to open the grate below Napoleon LeRoach to send him to Spy Jail.
  • Hammer (used only in the Bonus Ending): A hammer taken from the Sewers Entrance used to smash the glass case containing the wrench.

Talk Balloons[edit | edit source]

A talk balloon is a picture of a character or item. It is used on other characters to get information about the character or item shown in the balloon.

  • Breath Analyzer Food: Used to ask Chef Dinah to prepare a dish for Spy Fox that would make his breath potent enough to get pass the Evil Dogbot's breath analyzer. It is one of three things needed to call off the evil Dogbot.
  • Elmo (used only in the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path): Used to tell the Caped Cod that Elmo is his #1 fan and that he would like the Caped Cod to perform a stunt for him.
  • The Amazing Caped Cod (used only in the Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path): Used to tell Elmo that the Caped Cod would perform a stunt for him if he met him.
  • Madame LadyBug (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): Used to inquire about where a rose can be found for Madame LadyBug instead of the Venus flytrap with the OFF switch at Plant World.
  • Victor (used only in the Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path): Used to ask Bea Bear about a legendary ice-skating technique that would earn Spy Fox a rose at the Ice Rink.

Minigames[edit | edit source]

There is one minigame in this game. It can be played for leisure but it is not necessary to play it to complete the game.

  • Things from Space: This game is accessible by pressing the Fun button on the Spy Watch. The player has to shoot and destroy asteroids and enemy robot ships using his/her rocket. The player scores points every time he/she destroys an asteroid or an enemy robot ship. The object of the game is to destroy asteroids and enemy robot ships. The player loses a life when his/her rocket hits an asteroid or enemy robot ship. The player starts the game with 3 lives. A extra life is gained for every 10,000 points scored. When the player loses a life, he/she loses any bonus points and one level of each weapon that he/she may have earned on that level. The game has 12 levels.
Enemy Robot Ships are various robotic ships that move in random patterns. Some are larger and slow-moving while others dart about the screen. The tougher the enemy the more points earned by the player. The best strategy is to move quickly and avoid being hit by their weapons! Some enemy robot ships may have bonus tokens or spheres inside
The asteroids vary in size and movement. Some are small and drop quickly while others are large and slow-moving. In addition to points, these asteroids may have some bonus tokens or spheres inside.
There are three weapons that the player can use to destroy asteroids or enemy robot ships. Each weapon has three levels. A weapon becomes stronger when it is leveled up. It is also possible to level up the weapons by pressing either the 1, 2, or 3 keys The current weapon is switched or leveled up when the player finds a purple, red, green or cluster sphere. The Violet Coil Laser is the player's first and weakest weapon which uses purple sound waves to destroy asteroids or enemy robot ships. It is often ignored in favor of the other weapons. The Vermilion Burst Rocket is a red star/stars shot by the rocket to destroy any asteroids and/or enemy rocket ships in the immediate area. It is very effective as one star can destroy a few asteroids and/or enemy robot ships. The Jade Photon Blade is a long green laser beam shot out from the rocket with one weakness, after it has been used, it needs a few seconds to recharge. Many players use it as a "sweeper" by moving the rocket from side to side to destroy asteroids and/or enemy rocket ships. If the player loses a life, he/she loses one level of each weapon.
Spheres are items found when an asteroid or an enemy rocket ship is destroyed. A sphere levels up the current weapon if it contains the rocket's current weapon, however, if the sphere does not contain the rocket's current weapon, it will switch the rocket to that weapon and level it up. A purple sphere contains the Violet Coil Laser, a red sphere contain the Vermilion Burst Rocket and the green one contains the Jade Photon Blade. A Cluster Sphere contains a random weapon.
Bonus Tokens are hidden in some asteroids and enemy robot ships. Shoot at everything and catch the bonus tokens as they fall. The first one collected is worth 5 points; each subsequent bonus token is worth 5 additional points on top of the last one. When the player completes the level, the bonus points earned will be added to his/her overall score. If the player loses a life, he/she loses all bonus points earned.

Game Paths and Bonus Ending[edit | edit source]

This game has two Game Paths which contain different puzzles that the player has to solve in order to continue the game. The game paths are randomly set when the player starts a new game. There is also a Bonus Ending where the player can capture Napoleon LeRoach. The Bonus Ending is only accessible when the player clicks at the right time.

  • Spy Key Replicator/Venus Flytrap Path: In this game path, the player has to obtain the OFF switch from a Venus flytrap in a cage in Plant World and bake a photo of one of the keys hanging outside Wee World taken by the Spy Key Replicator to enter Wee World.
  • Alarm Deactivator/Restruct & Destruct-o-lux Path: In this game path, the player has to obtain the OFF switch molecules from the Destruct-o-lux and reconstruct them in the Restruct-o-lux. He/She also has to disarm a burglar alarm inside Wee World.
  • Bonus Ending: This is a bonus ending which happens only if the player clicks on the manhole cover just as Napoleon LeRoach is escaping under it after calling off the Evil Dogbot. Spy Fox will go into the sewers in time to see Napoleon LeRoach plan a revenge attack on the World's Fair but gets delayed by a computer virus. The player has to work in the sewers to send Napoleon LeRoach to Spy Jail via a sewer pipe.

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