Spy Hunter 2

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For the sequel to the 1983 original, see Spy Hunter II.
Spy Hunter 2
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Angel Studios]][[Category:Angel Studios]]
[[Midway Games]][[Category:Midway Games]]
Vehicular combat
wheel; shifter; pedal
PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC
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Spy Hunter 2 is a video game published by Midway in 2003 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC platforms. This game is the sequel to the 2001 remake of the 1983 game Spy Hunter. The soundtrack features the song "Dark Carnival" (see below) recorded by Vanessa Carlton. Despite the name, this game is not a remake of the sequel to the original Spy Hunter game and follows a completely different storyline. Several features return, the weapons van now has mounted weapons, the player can manually change to motorcycle, the flying parts will damage other cars.

Theme song[edit | edit source]

The theme song of this game, Dark Carnival by Vanessa Carlton, is a reworked version of "Carnival", a track on her unreleased debut album, Rinse. Carlton said the song is "kind of electronica-esque by design", adding that she had "always wanted to write about espionage."[1] It introduced an entire new sound for Carlton that was much darker than her previous work.[original research?] MTV News described the song, which is about a mysterious femme fatale, as "[an] edgy and brooding ballad" that "gets even more eerie when a sparse, plinky bridge reminiscent of the Halloween theme arises."[2]

The lyrics of "Carnival" and "Dark Carnival" are different; for example, "Don't you run from the show, Cause I just want you to know that I love anyway, And I will not let you go" was altered to "When you get your bloody dose In the still of the night It is there you'll feel it most In this dark carnival Where the end is close." "Dark Carnival" was not included on Carlton's second album, Harmonium (2004). The character Agent Vanessa Duvelle, Alec's partner was based on her .

Plot[edit | edit source]

The plot deals with Alec Sects as he tries to deal with the remains of Nostra, which have all formed their own group. He eliminates the head of the Russian faction (The Cossack) before moving to New Orleans to meet Senator Noah Thurgood. However a clone of the Interceptor(the main vehicle) destroys Thurgood's car, and escapes by causing a diversion, attacking an IES boat. Alec proceeds to kill the man behind the attack, "Mad Mojo" Carter, leader of the American faction of Nostra. Alec proceeds to Asia where his partner Agent Vanessa Duvelle, has been kidnapped and held for execution. Alec breaks her out and kills the head of the Asian faction of Nostra, McGuinty. They then move to the Alps, where Alec destroys a second Interceptor clone. Later he learns that Thurgood was alive, and the mastermind. Thurgood escapes to the artic, where he has created an "Ark" and plans to flood the world by melting the ice, while he and select others rule what's left. Alec destroys the ark, and the are ordered to their next mission in Los Angeles

References[edit | edit source]

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