Spy vs. Spy (2005 video game)

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Spy vs. Spy (2005 video game)
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Vicious Cycle Software]][[Category:Vicious Cycle Software]]
[[Global Star Software]][[Category:Global Star Software]]
Xbox and PlayStation 2
ESRB: Teen
PEGI: 12+
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Spy vs. Spy is a video game developed by Take 2 interactive and based on the MAD Magazine's titular comic stip and cartoon craze of the 1960s. The game features the two spies ("Black" and "White") in a unique story mode, plus two other game modes ("Modern" and "Classic"), and a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players.

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Story Mode[edit | edit source]

In this single-player mode the player is able to choose between Black Spy or White Spy to complete a variety of missions filled with puzzles and a cast of enemies, including the enemy spy. (all of which are AI-controlled). The story has been developed to be like an extended episode of the '60s cartoon with a modern twist. The choice of spy does not matter - the player will still receive the same weapons and gadgets on either campaign. Likewise also, there are the same missions each way.

Modern/Classic Mode[edit | edit source]

In these modes, 2 players are required (one player will be Black Spy, the other will be White Spy). The aim of these modes is to collect 5 artifacts from safes around the map before the other spy. The winner is the player who collects all 5 artifacts from the map and then escapes using the vehicle situated at a random location. This rule applies in both Modern and Classic modes - the only difference is that the Modern map is a tower block interior and the Classic map is more like the '60s cartoon.

Multiplayer Mode[edit | edit source]

In this mode, two new coloured spies are introduced, Red and Blue. These spies are AI-controlled with 2 players or can be chosen in 3 or 4-player mode. This is basically a Deathmatch/Capture the Flag style game - kill all other spies and capture their bases to win. This is supposedly the first game with split screen multiplayer

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