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Rescuing the Lylat system, one game at a time

Whenever Andross is causing trouble, General Pepper calls on team Star Fox to save the day.

The original team Star Fox was led by James McCloud, with his wingmates Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar. They went to investigate Andross, exiled on Venom. The greedy Pigma betrayed the team. Peppy escaped - no one knows what happened to James.

Peppy returned to Corneria and a new team was formed. Led by James's son, Fox McCloud, Peppy also joined this Star Fox, as well as tech-expert Slippy Toad and gung-ho ace Falco Lombardi. ROB 64, a dumb robot who maintains the Great Fox, is also considered a member of the team.

Star Fox has a rival in Star Wolf, Pigma's new team.

Post-Star Fox 64 Team[edit | edit source]

As Peppy retired and Star Fox went on a solo adventure on the dinosaur planet Sauria, they recruited Krystal to take his place. Peppy now manages missions from Great Fox, with the help of ROB 64.