Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

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Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
Basic Information
Video Game
Real-time Strategy
macOS and Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
Technical Information
Genie Engine
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
macOS and Microsoft Windows
November 112001
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Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is a real-time strategy game built on the Genie Engine, the same one used in Age of Empires, and Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. The factions in the original game include the Wookiees, Royal Naboo, the Trade Federation, the Empire, the Rebels, and the Gungans. Two campaigns in the game are centered on the Wookiee race, and one each centered on Gungans, the Trade Federation, the Galactic Empire, and the Rebel Alliance.

An expansion pack known as Clone Campaigns was released to the original game in 2002. Later in 2002, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga was released, containing both Galactic Battlegrounds and the Clone Campaigns expansion pack.

The expansion pack added the Republic and the CIS factions. Both of them have their own campaign.

Clone Campaigns Expansion[edit | edit source]

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - Clone Campaigns is an expansion pack that was released shortly after the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. It introduced two more playable factions and campaigns: That of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic.

The Clone Campaigns added more units, such as the Decimator and the Air Cruiser, support for movable power supplies, and more.

Online play was mainly played through GameSpy Arcade, maintaining a small base of friendly users until the service shut down. This small base of users was considerably damaged after, the main site for online play, closed down all CD-ROM games on June 19, 2006. They were dropped due to financial problems. a small group of Gamers made a program called Slidegamers, and with that program you could play the game as of March 14, 2007.