Star Wars Original Trilogy TV Games

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Star Wars Original Trilogy TV Games
Basic Information
[[Jakks Pacific]][[Category:Jakks Pacific]]
Technical Information
Built-in joystick
2 action buttons
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The Star Wars Original Trilogy TV Games is a plug and play unit released by Jakks Pacific.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The battles of Episodes IV, V and VI provide the backdrop for four fast-paced games. Lightsaber Duel allows you to recreate some of the most memorable and intense scenes from the films. Assault on Hoth pits the Rebel Alliance against the unstoppable Imperial Army's ground forces. Take control of an X-wing fighter as the Imperial Fleet attacks in waves of laser-blasting action. Help Chewbacca destroy the Death Star shield generator on Endor then take control of the Millennium Falcon and blast the reactor core to blow up the Emperor's ultimate weapon.