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Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

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Cheat Codes[edit | edit source]

  • JPVI?IJC - RSBFNRL - Infinite continues
  • LIONHEAD - Enable black and white mode
  • !??QWTTJ - CLASSIC - Unlock all levels
  • AYZB!RCL - WRKFORIT - Unlock all tech upgrades
  • U!?!VWZC - GIVEITUP - Unlock Ace Mode
  • BLAHBLAH - Unlock Audio Commentary
  • EXHIBIT! - Unlock Art Gallery
  • COMPOSER - Unlock Music Hall
  • ?INSIDER - Unlock Documentary
  • THATSME! - Unlock Credits
  • PYST?OOO - DUCKSOT - Unlock "Death Star Escape"
  • TVLYBBXL - NOWAR!!! - Unlock "The Asteroid Field"
  • AZTBOHII - OUTCAST! - Unlock "Triumph of the Empire"
  • OGGRWPDG - EEKEEK! - Unlock "Revenge on Yavin"
  • ?WCYBRTC - ??MBC??? - Unlock "Endurance"
  • CDYXF!?Q - ASEPONE! - Unlock Naboo Starfighter
  • MVPQIU?A - OH!BUDDY - Unlock the Millennium Falcon
  • ZT?!RGBA - DISPSBLE - Unlock TIE Fighter
  • NYM!UUOK - BLKHLMT! - Unlock TIE Advanced x1
  • AJHH!?JY - BUSTOUR - Unlock Imperial Shuttle
  • PZ?APBSY - IRONSHIP - Unlock the Slave I (Boba Fett version)
  • VV?GXRYP - CNOOQ!ZR - JFETTSHP - Replace the Slave I with Jango Fett's version
  • !ZUVIEL! - !BENZIN! - Unlock black car (this car will be gone when you turn off the system)

Crafts[edit | edit source]

  • Naboo Starfighter Code: CDYXF!?Q + ASEPONE Or: Complete all 10 original missions and complete the Tatooine Training at four times of day. Find 12 items, learn 12 lessons, kill 60 Womprats and do both races twice at all 4 times. You also have to find 2 hidden items, these change depending on the time of day. Morning (06:00): Kraayt Dragon Bones + C-3PO. Afternoon (14:00): Kraayt Dragon Bones + Escape Pod. Evening (18:00): Kraayt Dragon Bones + C-3PO. Night (23:00): Kraayt Dragon Bones + R2-D2.
  • TIE Fighter Code: ZT?!RGBA + DISPSBLE Or: You must steal a TIE fighter at daytime and night time on the Imperial Academy Heist mission. Daytime: Go through the canyon as usual. At the end turn right to get out. Then turn 90 degrees so you are flying parallel to the canyon. Soon you will see a communications tower with a TIE on the ground next to it. When you start to approach it, it will start to fly off. Get behind it and shoot your ion cannon. If you hit it, it will land and a blue rebel insignia will appear over it. Fly into the insignia to steal the disabled TIE and finish the level as you normally would.
  • Night time: Go through the canyon as usual. At the end, go to the left side of the fork instead of the right. You will see a TIE fighter next to a building. Fly close to the building and on the left of it you should see a black dot. This dot is the TIE pilot. Shoot him. (He runs from the left side of the building around the front to the TIE, so if you miss him the first time, look in front of the building or by the TIE to get him the next time.) A blue rebel insignia will appear over the TIE. Fly into the insignia to steal the TIE. Then steal the shuttle as usual, then go back to the area where you stole the TIE. Fly around until you pick up your gunner you left there when you first stole the TIE. Then finish the level.
  • Millennium Falcon Code: MVPQIU?A + OH!BUDDY Or: Get 10 Bronze medals.
  • Slave 1 Code: PZ?APBSY + IRONSHIP Or: Get Silver medals in all 10 original missions plus Death Star Escape and The Asteroid Field.
  • Imperial Shuttle Code: AJHH!?JY + BUSTOUR Or: Get Gold medals in both in Triumph of the Empire and Revenge on Yavin.
  • TIE X1 Code: NYM!UUOK + BLKHLMT! Or: Get Gold medals on all 15 missions and complete Tatooine Training at all four times of day.
  • Buick Code: !ZUVIEL! + !BENZIN! Or: Can only access using code.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Unlock All 10 Original Missions Code: !??QWTTJ + CLASSIC
  • Bonus Mission 1: Death Star Escape Code: PYST?OOO + DUCKSHOT Or: 20 Points.
  • Bonus Mission 2: Asteroid Field Code: TVLYBBXL + NOWAR!!! Or: 30 Points.
  • Bonus Mission 3: Triumph of the Empire Code: AZTBOHII + OUTCAST! Or: 30 Points.
  • Bonus Mission 4: Revenge on Yavin Code: OGGRWPDG + EEKEEK! Or: 40 Points and get a Bronze medal on Triumph of the Empire.
  • Bonus Mission 5: Endurance Code: ?WCYBRTC + ??MBC??? Or: 20 Points and get a Bronze medal on Revenge on Yavin.

Other Unlockables[edit | edit source]

  • All 11 Tech upgrades Code: AYZB!RCL + WRKFORIT
  • ACE Mode Code: U!?!VWZC + GIVEITUP Or: Get Gold medals on all 15 missions and complete Tatooine Training at all four times of day. To get ACE medals just complete a mission.
  • Unlimited lives Code: JPVI?IJC + RSBFNRL
  • Art Gallery Code: EXHIBIT!
  • Audio Commentary Code: BLAHBLAH Or: Get Bronze medals in all 10 original missions.
  • Black and White Mode Code: LIONHEAD
  • Music Hall Code: COMPOSER
  • Unlock Credits Code: THATSME! Or: Complete all 10 original missions.
  • Unlock Documentary Code: ?INSIDER Or: Complete all 10 original missions.

To skip the Hangar hold down both R and L buttons while selecting a mission to skip the Available Craft screen and the hangar. You will then play the mission in the default craft.

Tech Upgrade Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Death Star Attack - Advanced Shields - At the start of the 2nd stage, dive close to the ground. Turn about 15 degrees to the left. It's sitting on a small building next to a turret.
  • Ison Corridor Ambush - Advanced Proton Torpedoes - At the beginning of the level, dive down under the Frigate to fly through a large piece of debris. The tech upgrade is inside it.
  • Battle of Hoth - Advanced Lasers - After the AT-ATs blow up the shield generator, fly back to it to find the upgrade in the rubble. These are VERY helpful.
  • Prisoners of the Maw - Advanced Cluster Missiles - In between the weapons storage and communications tower, thereÿ¢â⿿¬â⿿¢s a dome. Bomb it for the upgrade.
  • Razor Rendezvous - Advanced Proton Bombs - Go as fast as possible to the other side of the Star Destroyer to see a Lambda shuttle. Kill it for the upgrade. It will run away if you wait too long.
  • Vengeance on Kothlis - Homing Proton Torpedoes - Once you get to the Destroyer, fly through a hole on the left side of the bridge.
  • Imperial Academy Heist - Advanced Concussion Missiles - In your Y-Wing, fly through one of the hangers at the academy.
  • Imperial Academy Heist - Cluster Proton Bombs - Take a speeder during the night and fly through the hanger on the opposite side of the academy from the Advanced Concussion Missile Upgrade.
  • Raid on Bespin - Homing Concussion Missiles - Take out the balloon at the beginning, and head to the second platform. Blow up the tanker, and in the rubble of the tanks will be the upgrade.
  • Battle of Endor - Homing Cluster Missiles - Take out the left Star Destroyer, and wait until it falls all the way. While it's hanging there in space, fly down to it. The upgrade will be in the hanger.
  • Strike at the Core - Advanced Targeting Computer - At the final straight before the core, fly under some pipes on the right hand side.