State of War

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State of War
Basic Information
Video Game
Cypron Studios
Crystal Interactive
Real-time strategy
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State of War is a real-time strategy game, developed by Cypron Studios and published by Crystal Interactive in 2001. See also State of War web game for the web based game released in 2008.

Story[edit | edit source]

This description is told by narrator at the beginning of the game.

After centuries of continuous struggles, war and turmoil; humankind finally came together and founded the United Federation of Seven Continents (UFSC). It was decided that every member of the Federation would provide their armed forces to build a single military unit with the goal to protect the Earth and settle eventual conflicts. Thus it was no longer possible for any individual group to use military force to resolve their personal aim.

A screenshot of State of War.

Within several years, the Federation created a Global Defense Network, known as "Overmind". Actually, it was a super intelligent mainframe computer - a unique work of hundreds of the most gifted scientists on the planet. It was operated by an intelligent software and consisted of 22 military bases worldwide located far from populated areas ready to act in case of the conflict. Since then, no machinery was ever controlled by man. Only the formal approval to activate "Overmind" had to be given by each UFSC representative.

Global society, however, carried its burdens. People suffering from spiritual emptiness sought refuge in organizations that offered salvation. The most influential among them was the Beho-Sunns. Charismatic leaders of the cult used their personal charm and rhetorical skills to attract more and more people. Their audience included every social group from workers, scienties, lawyers to elite politicians. Behind it all, there was the wicked plan to get hold of "Overmind". None of the Beho-Sunns followers knew that during their meditation seasons the cult gathered all kinds of information from their minds. Over years, thr Beho-Sunns discovered much about Overmind's mechanics and were able to hack the software which controls Overmind.

It so happened that the Beho-Sunns leaders tried to hack Overmind, but due to sophisticated firewall protection, they failed. Consequences were fatal. The Global Defense System went out of order and malfunctioned. Members of the Beho-Sunns quickly recovered from their defeat and started occupying defenseless military bases. Their actions must be halted! To do so, the UFSC have declared a state of war.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game takes place on Earth in 2020. There are 22 bases located in the world your job is to capture all 22 base from the rebels. The game is played from a birdseye view. In some of levels, there are limited building structure and turrets are available. The main objective of the game is to capture the enemies headquarters by only "Ground Units". Each unit has a stat, for example, the Light Panzer has an offence of 13 and the Medium Panzer has an offence of 31, it is able to knock out the Light Panzer. In the game, that's basically what it is, the higher the offence and defence, the better.

Sequel[edit | edit source]

State of War: Warmonger is a sequel to original real time strategy State of War. It was designed as a stand alone version. Warmonger includes 16 bright new missions in which 11 are singleplayer and 5 multiplayer.[1]

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