Stephen King's F13

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Stephen King's F13
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Presto Studios]][[Category:Presto Studios]]
[[Blue Byte Software]][[Category:Blue Byte Software]]
Casual game
Windows and Macintosh
ESRB: Teen
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Stephen King's F13 is a collection of casual games developed by Presto Studios and released in 2000 by Blue Byte Software. The title F13 is a reference to the non-existent function key on standard PC keyboards, despite the fact that a F13 key exists on Macintosh keyboards in the form of a screen capture button.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The minigames include No Swimming, Bug Splat, and Whack-A-Zombie. The "Frightware" bundle also includes a set of "Screamsavers", "Bump and Thump" sound effects, "Deathtop" backgrounds, and Stephen King's short novella Everything's Eventual.

References[edit | edit source]

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