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Stoked Rider is a series of big mountain snowboarding games for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS computers produced by Bongfish Interactive Entertainment.

History[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

The project started in 1999 as an ad-game from FLOW snowboard equipment. At first, an animation of an alien snowboarding using Flash was produced as an introduction of the advertising campaign. Later, a CD-ROM was included in FLOW's 2001 catalog. The first game featuring the alien is included in the CD, which was named [1]

Stoked Rider[edit | edit source]

Positive response exceeding 100,000 downloads encouraged Bongfish to expand the idea into a full game in 2002. The alien was again featured in the first Stoked Rider with endless procedurally generated landscape.

Stoked Rider ft. Tommy Brunner[edit | edit source]

A first version of the commercial game (Stoked Rider ft. Tommy Brunner) was released in April 2005 (Windows). It features the Austrian snowboarding legend Tommy Brunner who died two weeks after the release of the game. The game is solely available via online distribution.

Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien[edit | edit source]

A sequel named Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien was released in 2006.

Drop Point: Alaska[edit | edit source]

After Alaska Alien was published, Bongfish partnered with Destineer to produce Drop Point: Alaska for Mac OS in 2007. [2] While not marketed as a part of Stoked Rider series, it featured the same freeride snowboarding aspect of the game.

Stoked[edit | edit source]

Later, Bongfish again worked with Destineer for Stoked Rider next sequel, simply named Stoked for Xbox 360. The game was announced in Winter 2008 and released in January 2009.

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