Storm of War: Battle of Britain

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Storm of War: Battle of Britain
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Video Game
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Combat flight simulator
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Storm of War: Battle of Britain is a World War II flight simulator in development by 1C: Maddox Games. It is the spiritual successor to IL-2 Sturmovik. The game was announced by publisher UbiSoft in May 2006 as a November 2006 release[1] but, as of August 2010, it is still in development, and it is at present unclear whether Ubisoft will be the publisher.

Development updates including work-in-progress screenshots are currently (August 2010) being released on an approximately weekly basis on an 1C:Maddox forum.[2]

In relatively recent interviews and during discussions on the 1C company forums Oleg Maddox has hinted that it will be released for the 2010 Battle of Britain anniversary. Oleg has also suggested that November 2010 would be the latest possible release date since the cost of development necessitated it being released no later than that date.[citation needed]

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