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Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation

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Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation (ストリートファイター オンライン マウスジェネレーション) is a 2009 competitive fighting game produced by Capcom subsidiary Daletto in association with Revoltech and released for the PC. The game uses a PC mouse for combat, and the characters are customizable to some degree.[1] In addition to the established Street Fighter characters in the game, Mouse Generation also includes characters based on the works by Wuxia novelist Louis Cha.

Characters[edit | edit source]

From the Street Fighter series[edit | edit source]

From Louis Cha's novels[edit | edit source]

From the Rival Schools series[edit | edit source]

From Cyborg 009[edit | edit source]

Other characters[edit | edit source]

  • Shin - The game's sole new character, Shin is a Japanese-Korean Taekwondo master who is following the footsteps of his father, a former Japanese Karate master, and his maternal grandfather, a Taekwondo master from South Korea, although he actually dislikes combative sports and would rather be a musician.
  • Johannes Krauser II (Soichi Negishi's alter-ego from Detroit Metal City)
  • Gavan (from Space Sheriff Gavan)

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