Strip Fighter 4

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Strip Fighter 4
Strip Fighter 4 image.jpg
Basic Information
Video Game
Studio S
Studio S
2D Fighting, Adult
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Strip Fighter 4
Technical Information
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
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Strip Fighter IV is a 2008 Erotic Fighting video game by Studio S for the PC. Strip Fighter is a parody series of the popular fighting video game series Street Fighter. Strip Fighter IV is the fouth game in the Strip Fighter series.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Unlike its predecessor, Strip Fighter 2, Strip Fighter IV plays a lot like a street fighter game. Special moves are performed by inputting directional commands and pressing buttons accordingly. Super combos, Ultra combos, EX moves, and focus attacks are included in gameplay as well as recovery from getting knocked to the ground. Strip combos (Ultra combos) can only be performed when the character has extremely low health and consumes 2 super combo gauges (3 being the maximum held). Some drawbacks are not being able to change the difficulty level as well as not being able to exit to the main menu from story mode. The game does have a hard mode, but you have to play through the story mode every time if you want a little challenge from the CPU which should be no problem so long as you enjoy the HUGE assets of this erotic fighter.

She can knock you out with those things!