Submachine 0: The Ancient Adventure

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Submachine 0: The Ancient Adventure
Basic Information
Video Game
Mateusz Skutnik
Adventure, Puzzle
Microsoft Windows
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Origins[edit | edit source]

The Submachine (meaning "submerged machines") games is a series of point and click, "escape from the room" Flash puzzle games where the player must find objects and clues scattered throughout various settings, figure out what to do with them, and apply them to certain objects and circumstances to open up more areas of each game and to hopefully eventually beat the games.

Basically all the player (who is never shown onscreen) has to do is use the mouse to search for onscreen items and clues and click on them in order to place them somewhere or store them into their inventory for later use, or to press a button or move a lever, switch or other device to perform a function that will help the player solve the mysteries of the game.

Episode 0[edit | edit source]

Written for a gaming contest entry, this is pretty comparable to the original Submachine, being small, not having many rooms or objects and all.

Like the title suggests, this is an ancient adventure, as there are no modern devices to be found, save for a lighter. The surroundings are stone, as the player starts off the game outside a structure with what appears to be two gargoyles in front of a stone door. Upon finding two of the very few items, putting them in their proper places and turning the knob, the stone door will open, allowing the player admittance to several chambers.

Inside are mostly stone structures, one of which is a cube that will assist in opening up more areas. There are also a few statues (presumably made in gold), a few jewels to be used as devices to help win the game, spiked gates that will block a player's progress through the game until they perform the proper actions to access those areas, and several rooms have to be lit by the lighter in order to proceed as well.

The player is awarded with a Wisdom Crystal when the game is solved.

Puzzle items[edit | edit source]

  • Tongues (2)
  • Lighter
  • Button device
  • Torches
  • Cube
  • Jewels (3)
  • Stone
  • Ancient Crystal of Wisdom

Notes[edit | edit source]

This was the first Submachine game at the time where an object (the lighter) could be reused several times (most of the time with objects in the game series in general, when they are used, they disappear from the player's inventory).

Links[edit | edit source]

  • Play game at the Stage Select arcade

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