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Sudden Attack
Basic Information
Video Game
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First-person shooter
Keyboard, mouse
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Sudden Attack (Korean: 서든어택) is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter online game developed by the South Korean company, GameHi.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are two teams in the game, red and blue. Red is the Tanzirilo Independence Force (Silent Fox corps) while blue is the United Great Force (SA Anti-terrorist Police). Teams are then pitched into various types of gameplay matches in different maps such as Deathmatch, Destruction/Bomb Defusal, or custom battlefields (such as sniper-only, pistol-only or knife-only). Either team must satisfy the conditions, such as defusing the bomb, or successful planting and detonation, or achieving an amount of kills or round wins.

Story[edit | edit source]

In 2009, an SA policeman is guided to protect a laboratory. He then sees a top secret file about the United Great Force's nuclear attack on the general population scheduled for 2012. He then is spotted. All the SA soldiers confront him but he fights back and manages to escape. He told everyone and the evidence to it. Then a group of former SA soldiers calling themselves the Tanzirilo Independence Force fight the SA at South Water Defense Port. Hearing about this, people started to join them. Now they have a large army fight for control before the SA launch the nuclear assault.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Currently in Sudden Attack, there are 7 game modes.

Deathmatch: First team to hit the kill goal wins the match.

Bomb Plantation: A "search-and-destroy" type of game mode. Red team is given the C4 and the Blue team must defuse if it was planted. There are two planting locations in each map available to this mode.

Siege/Control: The Red Team or Blue Team must control the objective in the middle of the map for the longest. Game is won if either team successful completes the timer or if they are the last team to have control of the objective when the match time runs out.

Capture the Target/Escort: The Blue team must capture the objects on the map and bring them back to the drop zone. The Red team, however, must stop them by any means. Game is successful won if both objects are escorted, or if 1 is escorted and another destroyed.

Sub Mission/Special Mode: Generally, the point of this game mode is limited. This includes sniper, knives and pistols only.

Touchdown Mode: Both teams try to acquire a target and try to make a touchdown on enemy's base.

Runaway Mode: Red team tries to kill the blue team with a basic knife only. Blue team is only allowed to run away from the red team and is allowed to use grenades.

Monetary System[edit | edit source]

There are two types of currencies: cash and points. Cash is based on real money and can be charged in exchange for a monetary payment, cell phone billing, or home phone billing. Points can be earned from playing games. Points and cash can be spent at the in-game shop. Points are used for buying weapons. Cash enables the purchase of in-game boosts (i.e. +10% points) and special bonus items, along with special team-specific outfits. Cash and points can also be earned through promotions such as corporate agreements between Netmarble and SK Telecom or KTF where a user can add their cellular phone number to a call list.

Sequel[edit | edit source]

In June 9, 2010, GameHi has confirmed a sequel under the name Sudden Attack II : Renegade . No official comment on the date but the developer was quoted saying "We aim for an early 2011 release". A Korean Newspaper, Han-Gook Ilbo has published an interview with the publisher, "Netmarble".Netmarble has stated that the game will be using the Unreal 2.5 LEAD engine.
There will be bullet physics, where gravity affects bullet trajectory.Objects like boxes and cars will be destructible and real physics will be regarded when these objects are shot at.Doors will be able to open and close with the use button
Vehicles will be an important asset in the gameplay as quoted by the developers.Expect helicopters, jeeps and tanks.Player limit will be enhanced to 32.
SA2:R will be free-to-play and will be released simultaneously across Asia.This includes South East Asia, Thailand and China After release, SA is stated to be unsupported by the developer.


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