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Developer SuperTux Development Team
Publisher {{{Publisher}}}
System(s) MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Players 1

SuperTux is a free, open source computer game inspired by Super Mario Bros.. You may immediately download it. The game is a sidescrolling platform adventure starring Tux the Linux penguin. The current version is "SuperTux milestone 2" or "SuperTux 0.6.0".

Hardware[edit | edit source]

SuperTux uses OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL2 and requires 3D acceleration.

The story[edit | edit source]

SuperTux has a story similar to Super Mario Bros. in that the hero must set off to free a hostage taken by the villain.

At the beginning of the game, a cutscene plays, showing Tux having a picnic with his girlfriend Penny. Tux starts dancing, and while he is distracted, Nolok, the villain of the game captures Penny and takes her away. Tux realizes he has to save her, and the game starts.

Tux must pass through several levels before arriving at Nolok's fortress. To keep the suspense, this page does not disclose the ending of the game.

The Game[edit | edit source]

There are no lives. If Tux dies in a level, he will simply respawn, unless he has reached a midpoint, in which case he will also lose a few coins.

Your progress is automatically saved.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

The normal game is easy and can be done by anyone, althrough it is not overly simple nor boring.

On the contrary, some levels of the Bonus Island are very difficult.

There are some items, such as:

__IMAGE__ makes Tux be bigger __IMAGE__

__IMAGE__ turns Tux into fire Tux __IMAGE__

Being hit by an enemy reverts Tux to his previous form.

While the normal sized Tux doesn't give you an enormous advantage, being fire Tux gives you an enormous advantages, losing this item can render levels much more difficult, especially in the Bonus Islands.

Worlds[edit | edit source]

In version 0.6.0, there are 2 main worlds and are 3 Bonus Islands.

Various tiles on the map mean various things:

  • Some Indications on levels
  • The Leveldot green.png tile indicates that you have finished the Level
  • The Leveldot red.png tile indicates that you have not finished the Level, regardless of whther it's accessible yetnot yet accessible
  • The Teleporter.png tile is a teleporter, in order to be teleported, you need to press enter while standing on it, just like when entering a level
  • The Snowman.png tile indicates nothing, the snowman is just here to tell you that there is no road.

The worlds:

Icy Island
World screenshot 01.png
  • This world includes 26 Levels. (to be verified)

(Info needs to be added here.)

Bonus Island I
Bonus Island I screenshot 01.png
  • This world includes 22 Levels(to be verified)
  • This is the starting point of the Bonus Island, when you use one of the Teleporter.png you will be teleported into part of the island that looks like the second image.
Bonus Island I screenshot 02.png
Bonus Island II
Bonus Island II screenshot 01.png
  • This world includes 28 Levels. (to be verified)


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