Super Battletank

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Super Battletank
Box art (Game Gear version)
Basic Information
Video Game
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Mega Drive/Genesis
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Game Boy Advance (as Operation: Armored Liberty)
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Super Battletank takes place during Operation Desert Storm. The player controls an M1 Abrams main battle tank for the United Nations.

Graphics[edit | edit source]

The screen is divided into two sections. One is the instrument panel in the gunner's station of the tank, and the other is a view of the outside, which consists primarily of the desert and military vehicles.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player battles helicopter gunships, T72's, and Scud launchers, in pursuit of a military victory. The player had to use only M1 Abrams tank to play.

Re-releases[edit | edit source]

Majesco released the game in 1992 for the Game Gear, as part of their licensed line of classic games for Game Gear, Mega Drive/Genesis, and Super NES. It was also remade as Operation: Armored Liberty for Game Boy Advance in 2003.

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