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Super Chinese
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Arcade flyer of Chinese Hero, the first game in the series.
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Super Chinese (スーパーチャイニーズ Sūpā Chainīzu?) is a series of adventure and action role-playing games for the arcade and various Nintendo video game systems.[1] The plot of several of the games follow two young boys, Jack and Ryu, as they adventure through their home, Chinaland.

Each of the games in the series were developed by Culture Brain, the earlier games developed by Nihon Game, a name the company used before Culture Brain. The games that were released in North America were retitled, such as Super Chinese, which became Kung Fu Heroes. Many of the games were not released outside of Japan.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Common Elements[edit | edit source]

In most of the Super Chinese games, Jack and Ryu are the protagonists. They often are fighting to save their homeland, Chinaland.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The earliest Super Chinese games included action game elements, such as Kung Fu Heroes and Super Chinese Land. The later games in the series, such as Super Ninja Boy also integrated console role-playing game elements into the gameplay. The playable characters gain experience points from action RPG, random encounter battles and increase in levels, becoming more powerful.


Kung-Fu Commando

Buffalo Bison



Dragon Man



Fire Skull

Dragon Head

Princess Cat

Wild Cat

Medusa Cat




Games[edit | edit source]

The Super Chinese series is made up of several games spanning many of Nintendo's earlier systems. Super Chinese, Super Chinese Land, and Super Chinese World are the three main groups in the series. Chinese Hero, was the first game in the series. Even though Culture Brain (then known as Nihon Game) wasn't mentioned in any part of the game while its publisher Taito was, Chinese Hero was developed by Culture Brain without credit. Super Chinese Land 1-2-3 and Super Chinese I+II Advance are compilations of earlier games in the series and the Fighter games are fighting games that allow players to fight with characters from the series, such as Ryu and Jack.

In North America, the series is mostly known as the Ninja Boy series. Ninja Boy, Ninja Boy II, and Super Ninja Boy were all released in North America, as well as Kung Fu Heroes.

Arcade[edit | edit source]

Nintendo Entertainment System[edit | edit source]

Game Boy[edit | edit source]

Game Boy Color[edit | edit source]

Super Nintendo[edit | edit source]

Game Boy Advance[edit | edit source]

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