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Super DX-Ball is a popular one-player PC shareware game by BlitWise Productions, released on November 10, 2004. It is similar in style to games such as Breakout and Arkanoid, and is the follow-up to three previous games in the DX-Ball series: DX-Ball, DX-Ball 2, and Rival Ball. Among the changes made in Super are non- rectangle/square bricks, new look for the Laser Cannons, and refined graphics overall.

The game has six different board packs: DX-Ball, Retro, Fun, Challenge, Super, and Surprise. Like Pocket Tanks (also developed by BlitWise) this game follows the standard shareware computer game paradigm; there are trial and fully licensed commercial versions, with the latter having more levels and bonuses. The upgraded version (known as the full version) is called Super DX-Ball Deluxe, and features 150 levels. One can also obtain some expansion packs for Super DX-Ball Deluxe after obtaining the game:

  • Bonus Pack: 15 new levels (Free)
  • Treasure Pack: 10 new levels (Free)

Note: Surprise Pack now included in 1.1 version, with a 3-board demo available in the demo version. The Surprise Pack has 30 levels.

The game also has the "Mega Ball" pack that has 20 more levels. One can access the "Mega Ball" mode by clicking on the Mega Ball Power-Up on the Power-Ups menu. Also note that the original DX-Ball set is no longer an easter egg.

The add-on "treasure pack" contains 10 new boards for the game. There is a secret message encoded (via binary code) into the final board that reads "DX-Ball 1996 to 2006 and still the best ; )"[1].

Super DX-Ball has been updated to 1.1 to add board shuffle, unlock, continue, and difficulty features. (there is already a difficulty feature, but the number of difficulties have been raised).

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