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Super Mario 3D Land

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Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Circle pad: Move.
  • A button: Choose level.
  • A button/B button: Jump, Wall Jump.
  • Hold (A button/B button): Slow fall (Tanooki Mario).
  • Hold (X button/Y button)+Circle pad: Dash
  • L button/R button: Crouch, enter a Warp Pipe, enter a cannon.
  • (L button/R button)+Circle pad: Crawl.
  • Hold (L button/R button)+(X button/Y button) or Circle pad+(L button/R button): Roll.
  • Circle pad+(L button/R button)+(A button/B button): Long Jump.
  • (A button/B button)+(L button/R button): Ground Pound
  • Hold (L button/R button)+(A button/B button): Backwards Somersault
  • X button/Y button: Shoot Fireballs (Fire Mario), attack with tail (Tanooki Mario).
  • Select button: Pause menu.
  • A buttonA buttonA button:Triple Jump (Luigi only)
  • Circle pad(Hold right or left)+A button:Side Jump

Worlds and Levels[edit | edit source]

World 4[edit | edit source]

World 4 is a pale green world with small to gigantic-sized mushrooms.

  • World 4-1: A forest area with many large trees and a giant tree trunk with the same aforementioned Para-Biddybuds.
  • World 4-2: An underground level with Stretch Blocks and it has many blocks. There is a Warp Zone at the end of the level that takes you to World 5.
  • World 4-3: A Castle-like area with many colorful blocks and the new Brick Block enemy. 30 Star Medals are required to access this level.
  • World 4-4: A dark Ghost House with new ghost enemies and a Big Boo.
  • World 4-5: A Sky level with Green Panels and the new Bee enemy.
  • World 4-Airship: An airship level with Rocky Wrenches and Boomerang Bros., where Pom Pom is first battled.[1]

World 5[edit | edit source]

World 5 is an orange sunset cliff area with cacti.

  • World 5-1: A cliff area with Boomerang Bros. and Tail Thwomps.
  • World 5-2: A dungeon-like level with Spinies and lava that is played from an overhead view, as a homage for the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series. The jingle that plays when a secret is unveiled in The Legend of Zelda also is heard when Mario lights the torches in a room, which opens a gate that leads to a star coin.
  • World 5-3: A Sky level with many moving platforms and blocks with spikes. The new Bramball-like enemy appears here.
  • World 5-4: An underground level with Monty Moles, Rocky Wrenches and Mega Moles. Also Warp Pipe cutouts are found here.
  • World 5-5: A sky level with platforms made of checkered grass and land. Clouds and Propeller Blocks are found here. In the background, there is a vast body of water with wind turbines.
  • World 5-Castle: Another castle level featuring Dry Bones, Lava Geysers, Draglets, Thwomps, Hammer Bros. and Rotating Cylinders where another False Bowser (a Magikoopa) is fought.

World 6[edit | edit source]

World 6 is a light blue area with many clouds.

  • World 6-1: A tropical island area with palm trees and large waterfalls.
  • World 6-2: A pyramid ruins with elevators, spikes, and Pokeys.
  • World 6-3: A haunted house stage with Boos. Also features a Giant Piano, a block maze, and tightropes leading to stairs with blue timers.
  • World 6-4: An area with different colored platforms that alternate themselves whenever Mario jumps. The mechanic is similar to that of the Beat Block Galaxy.
  • World 6-5: An icy level with many orange jumping blocks.
  • World 6-Airship: An airship level featuring Spike Pillars and Rocky Wrenches. Pom Pom is battled here, and the arena's floor is covered in fire on the side of the platforms.

World 7[edit | edit source]

World 7 is a purple forest with many plants and trees.

  • World 7-1: An underwater level with purple eels.
  • World 7-2: An underground level with spiked cylinders that move back and forth.
  • World 7-3: A forest area with many tightropes and Fuzzies. At least 70 Star Medals are needed to play this level.
  • World 7-4: A level inside a clocktower, similar to Tick Tock Clock or Clockwork Ruins Galaxy. There are many metal gears, spinning platforms and glass tunnels.
  • World 7-5: A level similar to Puzzle Plank Galaxy. Many Grinders and different Goombas are found.
  • World 7-Airship: Airships at night with many moving gears and bolts, Boom Boom and Pom Pom both have to be defeated.[2]

World 8[edit | edit source]

World 8 is a lava-filled red area with a castle wall in the background.

  • World 8-1: A sunset level that features a corridor with Spiked Ball shooters. In another area, Mario can use a "hatena box". In the background, there are many mountains and pipes silhouettes.
  • World 8-2: A forest with Fire Shooters and spiked enemies.
  • World 8-3: A place with many green rotating platforms, where Rock Wrenches can be found. 80 Star Medals are needed to unlock this level.
  • World 8-4: A ghost house with Boos and lots of moving platforms.
  • World 8-5: An underground level with flipping platforms. Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills appear in the level.
  • World 8-(Castle)1: A castle level in which Bowser is fought. Magmaarghs appear in the level, but are smaller than usual. 90 Star Medals are needed to unlock this level.
  • World 8-6: A castle level with rolling platforms and many Magikoopas.
  • World 8-(Castle)2: Another level that takes place in Bowser's Castle with a creature similar to a Bonecoaster. The final battle with Bowser takes place here.[3] 100 Star Medals are needed to unlock this level.

Special 1[edit | edit source]

  • Special 1-1: A replica of World 2-1 but with a sunset background. It has different enemies like Spinies and Statue Leafs and Poison Mushrooms appear in the level.
  • Special 1-2: An underground level the same as World 1-2 but it includes Spinies and blue spiked blocks. Cosmic Mario appears here.
  • Special 1-3: A level that is similar to World 2-3 but it includes enemies and items and the level takes place at night.[4]
  • Special 1-4: A beach level with Boomerang Bros. and Paragoombas.
  • Special 1-Castle: A clone of World 1-Castle that needs to be unlocked by collecting 110 Star Medals. Dry Bowser is the boss here and when defeated, Luigi is rescued. This level starts with 30 seconds.[5]

Special 2[edit | edit source]

  • Special 2-1: A stage where the screen is scrolling up. It has Piranha Plants and the music is a remix of the main theme.
  • Special 2-2: A mainly water level where the player is swimming. The clock starts at 30 seconds.
  • Special 2-3: A level with the green platforms with arrows above lava.
  • Special 2-4: A snowy level with many propeller boxes.
  • Special 2-5: A level where it is snowing and there are many green reproducing panels.
  • Special 2-Airship: An Airship with a lot of spikes.

Special 3[edit | edit source]

  • Special 3-1: A level with platforms that move back and forth.[6]
  • Special 3-2: A level a lot similar to World 4-3, the colorful blocks move faster and the Statue Leaf appears here.
  • Special 3-3: A forest area with many tightropes the time starts at 30 seconds and the player has to get timers so time will not run out.
  • Special 3-4: An dark undeground area with rolling cylinders and Giant Spiked Balls.
  • Special 3-5: A level similar to World 6-4, the blocks beat is slower than normal.
  • Special 3-Airship: A quickly scrolling Airship Level at Nighttime.

Special 4[edit | edit source]

  • Special 4-1: A level featuring a yellow platform that slowly shrinks while Mario or Luigi fight enemies and dodge obstacles.
  • Special 4-2: A Ghost House level where the player races Cosmic Mario.
  • Special 4-3: A level with a lot of Bullet Bills and some Banzai Bills.
  • Special 4-4: A level with 30 seconds and it mainly goes downhill.
  • Special 4-5: A level with a lot of breaking blocks and is filled with Boos and Dry Bones.
  • Special 4-Airship: An Airship level with many Boomerang Bros. At the end, Boom Boom and Pom Pom are fought separately.

Special 5[edit | edit source]

  • Special 5-1: A dark blue area filled with many flipping platforms and boos.
  • Special 5-2: A level where Cosmic Mario is in. This level consists of many Chain Chomps.
  • Special 5-3: A stage with the moving platforms with arrows that dictate which way to go.
  • Special 5-4: An area where it is snowing and there are cookies that Mario or Luigi can walk on.
  • Special 5-5: A Ghost House with lots of Library books.
  • Special 5-Castle: Same level as World 8-6, but the timer starts at 30 seconds, Mario or Luigi needs collect clocks to continue, Dry Bowser is fought at the end of the level.

Special 6[edit | edit source]

  • Special 6-1: A Nighttime level with Desert music.
  • Special 6-2: A level with bubbles and the time starts at 30 seconds.
  • Special 6-3: A level with many Poisonous Mushrooms and Poisonous Water
  • Special 6-4: A Nighttime level. Cosmic Mario appears here.
  • Special 6-5: A Ghost House with a fog like effect.
  • Special 6-Airship: An Airship Level with many flipping platforms.

Special 7[edit | edit source]

  • Special 7-1: A snow level where the time starts at 30 seconds.
  • Special 7-2: A level where the player races Cosmic Mario. There are lot of Red, Blue, and Yellow platforms that appear and disappear by the beat of the music.
  • Special 7-3: A level with lots of moving gears.
  • Special 7-4: A level with obstacles that look like Flip Flap platforms and the player jumps to make them turn. Also the player races Cosmic Mario.
  • Special 7-5: An Airship level with many rotating platforms and Poison Mushrooms are in this level.
  • Special 7-Castle: Same as Level 1-Castle but with Cosmic Mario and only 30 seconds.

Special 8[edit | edit source]

  • Special 8-Crown: The last level of the game, that contains many colorful blocks and varied enemies and obstacles. Mario has to fight Boom Boom and Pom Pom at the same time, and there is a short Cosmic Mario part in it. In the final area, the message "THANK YOU!!" is made of green reproducing panels and there are many Toads near the flagpole.[7] Although this is the final level to become unlocked, when unlocked it is located before Special 8-1 on the course selection screen. To unlock this course, the player must have 5 stars in his or her profile.
  • Special 8-1: An underground level where Cosmic Mario is raced and there are only 30 seconds.
  • Special 8-2: An area with many spinning platforms and Rocky Wrenches.
  • Special 8-3: A lava filled level where the time starts at 30 seconds.
  • Special 8-4: Another lava filled level where the time starts at 30 seconds.
  • Special 8-5: An Airship level with Cosmic Mario.
  • Special 8-Castle: A lava filled level where the time starts at 30 seconds. Dry Bowser is faced at the end.

References[edit | edit source]